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 I just wish I had more people in the area to play with let alone campaign rules….you'd think something star wars would have more people interested in playing. Maybe it's a crap economy, but most people I show it off to are like, "Whoa this is fun and awesome." and then never see them bother with it again.

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I had wanted to outline a set of rules that allowed players to create and maintain their own squadrons with recordkeeping. Your squadron would be organized into flights of four ships, just as it is canonically, and they all start as rookie pilots (or the lowest initiative). If they survive so many battles with kills, they gain experience and you can upgrade them to better generic pilots and eventually, into unique pilots.

The idea isn't that you're 'evolving' that specific character, but one with similar traits and initiative.

But with no regular opponents with X-Wing that would want similar detail it hasn't been on my list of high priorities with my free time :

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 That sounds like a cool idea actually. What happens when one dies? There is a lot of luck involved in this game no matter how good a strategist you are. Do you just reboot with that pilot like you would with, say, Wedge, if you played another game with him?

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The first idea is that there will be few if any missions where it is a slaughterfest.  There will be objectives.

Here is my list of ways to get experience

Surviving the Mission:  Either in your starfighter (ie:  Starfighter still has at least one hull point and you survive the game) or by ejecting.  Earn 1 Experience Point

Ejecting:  If your ship gets hit with a non-critical hit, you will have enough time to eject.

Ejecting from Critical Hits:  In the case of Critical hits that cause your ship to be destroyed, roll three defense (green) die.
Focus Results: count as the pilot surviving but have to spend time in the medbay due to injuries (each Focus Result indicates how many games that pilot would miss).
Evade Results:  Count as as the Pilot Surviving, in addition to speeding up the pilot's recovery by one game (to a minimum of 0).
If nothing but blanks are rolled, the pilot either didn't eject in time or died from the pilot's suit being compromised (shrapnel damage, burns, faulty electronics, etc).  The pilot is stricken from active duty and cannot be brought back.

*SPECIAL* Pilot Injuries: Any critical hits that result in Pilot Injuries have two aspects:
Survives the Mission:  The Pilot misses the next game due to spending time in the medical bay due to the injuries recieved
Ejects During Mission:  Result in 1 die per Pilot Injury being taken away from the Eject Roll (to a minimum of 1 die ) and adds 1 game to being in the missed if the pilot survives (no limit on how long)

Hitting an Enemy Fighter:  Any successful hits with a primary or secondary weapon against an enemy fighter.  Earn 1 Expericene Point Per Type of fighter hit Per Type of Weapon
EXAMPLE:  Ensign Antilles is in command of a Y-Wing with ion cannons and two (2) Proton Torpedoes added to his load out.  During the next mission, he successfuly hits three TIE Fighters (with his laser cannons, ion cannons, and proton torpedoes) and a TIE Advance X1 with his remaining torpedoes and an ion cannon blast.  When Antilles survives the encounter, he gains 5 Experience due to hitting two types of vehicles (TIE Fighters and TIE Advance X1) with various weapons (hitting TIE Fighters with laser cannons, ion cannons, and proton torpedoes and hitting the TIE Advance X1 with the ion cannon and proton torpedoes).  If he was able to hit the TIE Advance with his laser cannons, he would have added another Experience Point.

Destroying an Enemy Fighter:  An attack from the Pilot causes an enemy fighter to be destroyed (either as critical hit or taking the last hull point), regardless if the opposing pilots survives or not.  Earn 3 Experience Points per Fighter Destroyed

Complete an Objective (Universal):  Universal Objectives (like escorting a shuttle, preventing the enemy from escaping, etc.) that are achieved result in each participating pilot for that side recieving 1 Experience Point per universal Objective Achieved

Complete an Objective (Specific):  Specific Objectives (like capturing a satelite, destroying a shuttle) that can only be achieved by one (1) pilot results in the pilot achieving that objective earning 2 Experience Points per Objective Achieved


That's all that come to mind.  Any one have thoughts/questions/concerns?

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I didn't think of anything that intricate , Sarone. X-Wing is a simple game and I wanted to streamline the squadron operation rules if at all possible. On the other hand I would add complexity (like supplies?) as an option for those obsessive-compulsive of us who enjoy the experience of squadron management :P

I was also going to give pilots the option of ejection. Maybe when the fighter explodes, players roll one red die and on a hit, the pilot successfully ejects. Rebel pilots with Astromechs might count Focuses as a success as well, while pilots with Pilot critical hits would only count critical hits for successful ejecting. Astromechs also make an ejection roll, which an unsuccessful ejection removing any non-R2 droid from your upgrade pool.

Pilots who died well… die. In the case of imperial players it's not advised to get too close to your characters since it's likely the unlucky ones die quickly. On the other hand, I imagined Imperial pilots gain experience quicker to compensate. Replacement pilots could be free but come in at the lowest level.

Your squadron would always need a squadron leader, and each Flight would need a flight leader. They can have any craft that they wish to fly but when starting out they need to be the most experienced pilot of your squadron. Only when a squadron leader dies, or by spending points? can you reorganize your squadron and slip experienced pilots into Flight leader positions.

I even considered giving Squadron and Flight leader pilots a 'natural Squadron leader' card even if they couldn't legally have the upgrade card. Works for both sides of course, if both players were flying under the squadron operation rules.


It might also help matters if squadrons were used in conjunction with objective-based scenarios instead of straight up deathmatches. That way a squadron that failed the mission could retreat and not suffer permanent casualties.

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qwertyuiop said:

 Sarone, is that a hint of Crimson Skies I detect?

Never played Crimson Skies.  Just using various examples by Warhammer 40K, and other tactical games.


Please note that I have not posted how many Experience Points willbe needed to boost the pilot skill.  5 is a decent number for small games, though larger ones could use 10.  Just throwing out an idea.

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 I happened to finish a few rounds of mixed team gameplay when i chanced upon this thread (EDIT: HOWLRUNNER + WEDGE IS IMBA!!!! IMBA!!!!! ok just had to say it. Also Biggs + Mauler Mithel is some really crazy awesome ****, and Dutch + Garven + Darth Vader = wait what did my Darth Vader just pull off all 4 actions in one go?) So here's something i randomly crapped out:


*Rebels only, Xwing only*


EDIT: your pilot's squad building points would be:

rookie (21) >> Red sqd (23) >> Red sqd+ (24) >> stage 1 (26) >> stage 2 (28) >> stage 3 (30)


-start off with a rookie pilot. Do simple 2-3 ship missions against patrolling academy TIEs etc with him in your squad first. Assign that 1 rookie pilot something special, eg. instead of putting the number tags on his ship, put one of those tracking tokens, to indicate that he is your character. Gradually ramp up the points as you proceed. You may even try out funky missions eg. escorts, scouting and info gathering, escapes from asteroid fields etc.

-everytime he downs a TIE, he gains experience point = the downed TIE's pilot skill

-everytime you successfully complete a mission, he gains additional points = the tens digit of the point system you were using for the imperials. (eg. victory against a 65 point imperial squad would nab you 6 points)

-IF HE DIES, HE IS DEAD. simple as that. No revives, you restart with a fresh brand new character. You may however, allow him (and any other named pilots both rebels and imperials) to escape from the battlefield by flying out of map along the edge they were deployed at the beginning of the battle. sorta fly away and live to fight another day. Of course, your enemies could try to chase you and shoot you down beforehand. If your character has escaped the battle and you have managed to successfully complete the objectives, your character only gains half of the experience points, rounded down (eg. victory against a 72 point imperial squad, he would only gain 3 exp)

-with the experience points, you may upgrade to a ship with similiar points, eg. a promotion to red squadron pilot requires 23 exp points.

-Once you are a Red squadron pilot, you may upgrade again to Red squadron pilot+ with 23 points, but this time you have 1 pilot talent slot. nothing else changes.




-Once you are Red squadron pilot+, you have the choice of going 3 "storyline-based" routes.

route A (fiery and aggressive hotheaded pilot): every 23 points allows you to upgrade to get the following ability similiar to the named pilots mentioned: (use spare cards from extra core sets you have purchased)

Winged Gundark >>> Maarek Stele >>> Mauler Mithel

Pilot A is very aggressive, shoots first and never asks questions. He starts off inflicting a lot of pain to enemies (referenced by WG's ability of turning hits to crits), then as he gets more skilled he learns how to direct his hatred of the imperials towards certain key parts of the target's ship (basically he just has better aiming now), dealing specific damage. Complete mastery of the art of space dogfighting has allowed him to be able to deal an immense about of hurt to the enemy (referenced by MM's ability)

route B (cool and collected ace, with nerves of steel) : same as route A, every 23 points gives you upgrades

Dark Curse >>> Night Beast >>> Darth Vader

Pilot B is very cool, and remains frosty even under the most stressful of circumstances (ref. by DC ability). His innate instincts and gifts allows him to be able to focus on the task at hand easily after he has mastered his talents (ref. by NB ability. I figured DC ability would be rather useless as imperials do not have as many target locks, so yeah). Countless number of flight hours has given him enough combat experience that he is able to fully deal with even the most dire of circumstances, allowing him to stay so sharp he could easily multitask and deal with it (hence double actions ala DV)

route C (insightful tactician and amazing flight lead): same as route A, every 23 points gives you upgrades

inbuilt "squad leader" abiltity >>> Backstabber >>> Howlrunner 

Pilot C is your usual officer NCO who aspires to rise up the rebel ranks. However, he prefers to lead from the frontlines and put his piloting skills to good use. After being a Red squadron pilot+ and having lead a team for a few battles, he gradually learns how to better direct his team towards specific objectives (hence the free squad leader ability). Experiences with numerous battles that saw the death of his teammates and wingmen under him has haunted him, forcing him into a brief period of insanity, where he devised plenty of ingenious combat tactics to avenge his fallen comrades (ref. by backstabber's ability). As time passes, he eventually sobers up and returns to "normal", but he has also transformed into an exceptional leader, able to direct his wingmen with unbelievable precision and well thought-out tactics. (ref by howlrunner)


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I posted this in the less successful campaign/league thread..


Keep the squad building in line with the point system.

Provide bonus points  win or lose for players who play under the 100 point total. Taking a handicap provides 1 point to your rating if you lose. Taking a handicap provides 1 bonus point per 5 points under 100, no rounding. 

 I don't really like the idea of limiting what players have access to right out of the gate. Let people build what they want to build initially.    How about this for "restrictions" to create a feeling of continuity… if a unique pilot gets killed during a game, it gets replaced with the rookie version for the next game. Ships can be outfitted again, but the point disparity between the rookie pilot and the killed pilot are lost for purposes of squad building.  If the rookie ship survives, it gets promoted to the next rank, like.. rookie x-wing to red squadron x-wing. If the ship survives again, a unique pilot slot opens up and the lost squad points go away. It's more to keep track of, but it could be neat. Limit it to one unique pilot kill or the most expensive, though, or else someone who loses may have to build a whole squad of scrubs. That also forces players to cycle through other pilots and it creates a sort of ongoing story for a player's squad.  I dunno, this is just a rough draft of an idea. 

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