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Ranged vs Melee BROKEN, bow vs powder BROKEN

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A side note on encumberence, it sucks :P Once again it comes back to my basic view of the only real failure of WFRP, the scaling is simply too small. The dice, the setting, the theme, the basic rules are incredibly robust and enjoyable to play, but the scaling is so whacked it's not funny. There is simply not enough range of, well, chaos in it. I think that's why the D20 system has become the standard for RPG's these days, the scaling just permits enough flexibility for it to work well without the intrinsic problems of percentile based systems and enough flexibility to not become as ridged as D6/8/10/12 systems. 

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Ok, so here's the original text from WFRP1 (i found several versions after referencing the WFRP index at castle goblinstein):


"Advanced Misfires (from WFRP1e Apocrypha Now and Warhammer Companion, etc.)

The firearms misfires table on p29 of the WFRP1e rulebook covers three possible misfire effects; here is an expanded misfire table, covering a few more:

d100 Misfire Results

01-20- Partial Burn. Not all the powder catches; range and effective strength are halved (round up) for this round only.

21-50-Charge fails to ignite; try again next round.

51-70 Charge fails to ignite; reload and try again.

71-80-Slow burn, or ‘hang fire.’ The priming goes off but nothing else seems to happen. However the weapon will fire in the following round, with potentially dangerous consequences. Anyone who is stupid enough to look down the barrel of a gun which has hung fire takes an automatic point blank head hit.

81-90-Flash in the pan. The powder around the touch hole ignites in a bright flash, but the gun does not go off. The gun must be reprimed before it can be fired again; this takes one round. The firer suffers a +10 penalty to his BS on the reprimed shot due to an understandable degree of nervousness about what is to happen next…

91-99-Burn round. The powder catches, but the shot is either insufficiently wadded or a little too small for the barrel. The net result is the heat of the buringin powder welds the shot into the barrel.  The weapon is now useless, and has a 50% chance of exploding if anyone tries to use it again.

00-Weapon explodes. User takes normal hits, weapon destroyed."


..now for some work on how to randomize the misfire...

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