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Talisman Group Rules

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Here are a set of rules for Talisman Group play tell me what ya think :).

6 players max,
Other Cards Removed from Decks:
Adventurer Deck: 13 Bag of Gold, 8 Two Bags of Gold, 5 Rune Gate, Shiver Nymph, Ekor, Burrow Worm, 2 Trap Door, 2 Dungeon Door, 2 Dark Dungeon, 2 Roc, 2 Landslide, 2 Eyrie Vanguard, 2 Mountain Trail, Magic Gateway, Earth Elemental.
Dungeon Deck: 3 Two Bags of Gold, Three Bags of Gold, Rune Gate, Gold Seeker.
Highland Deck: 2 Rune Gate, Shiver Nymph, Treasure Map.
Spells: 2 Temporary Change.
Expansions: Basic Set, The Reaper, Frostmarch (+ Replacing Quests Variant), The Sacred Pool, The Blood Moon.
Alternative Rules: Starting Bonus, Talisman Bloodbath Rules.
Starting play
Every player picks a seat and ready’s themselves to play. Do the following in order:
1: Expansions
The Highlands Expansion, The Dungeon Expansion, The Dragon Expansion
Players can either decide together what expansions the game will include or it can be done at random like this:
Roll 2 Dice if one of the dice is a 3, 4 or 5 include The Highlands Expansion, if one of the dice is a 5 or 6 include The Dungeon Expansion if both dice are the same number include The Highlands Expansion
If The Dragon Expansion is included roll an extra dice on a 1, 2, 3 or 4 use the Dragon Realm inner region, if the dice rolled a 5 or 6 use the Dragon Tower inner region.
2: Alternative Endings
Players can either decide together if the game will include Revealed or Hidden Endings (if Revealed players can simply pick one, but only if all players agree) or it can be done at random like this:
Shuffle all Alternative Endings together (Revealed and Hidden) reveal one, if it is a Revealed ending: play with that card. If the card was a Hidden ending replace it in deck, then remove all the Revealed endings from deck, shuffle and use this deck to draw the one facedown ending on the Crown of Command.
3: Choosing a Character
Each player chooses a character from a number of randomly determined characters, equal to the number of players playing the game. (E.g. if 5 players are playing in the game then each player gets 5 character cards at random to pick from). This can be done anyway so long as all the discarded character cards are discarded together and not allowed to be redrawn or chosen by another player.
4: Grim Reaper
Players at this point choose if they want “The Grim Reaper” to be included in play. The “Werewolf” is always in play. Or you can do it at random like this:
Roll 1 dice if it’s a 5 or 6 “The Grim Reaper” is in play. Any other roll means its not.
5: The First Turn
Each player rolls 1 dice, the players with the highest roll “roll off” until one rolls the highest number. The player with the highest roll goes first in the game then play continues clockwise.
6: Have Fun ?

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Couple changes after playtesting.

All Characters from all sets are used by players to choose from. Also if you are using The Dragon Expansion you skip the 2 phase (no Endings).

Other than that works well, random expansion I find a good way to decide on expansion play.


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