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News Flash NBN Deck (1 Core)

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News Flash - NBN(49 cards)(15 Inf)

SEA Source(2)
Closed Accounts(2)
Precognition(2)(6 Inf)
Hedge Fund(3)
Anonymous Tip(2)

Priority Requistion(3)
Private Security Force(3)
AstroScript Pilot Program(2)
Breaking News(1)

Melange Mining Corp(2)
PAD Campaign(3)
Adonis Campaign(2)(4 Inf)

Matrix Analyzer(3)
Ice Wall(3)(3 Inf)
Data Raven(2)
Wall of Static(3)
Chum(2)(2 Inf) - I like the buff/damage threat but Rototurret could also be used.

Red Herrings(2)
Sansan City Grid(1)

The basic goal of this deck is to score Agendas quickly while keeping the runner occupied so they can't steal them. Most of the ICE have "End the run" subs to stop runners or keep them paying. Analyzer and Raven give sources to tag the runner along with SEA Source. Using those tags you can kill a runners economy with Closed Accounts or deal damage once PSF is scored. The upgrades help protect Agendas and let you score faster. Precog and Anon Tip can let you setup some great turns and the rest is for economy building. I left out the traps because they just aren't worth the hassle and there are enough ways to tag in the deck already.

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