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Card and Rule Clarifications

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I've searched for answers on this forum and others for the past few days I had to for all three card games.  While I'm satisfied for the most part with the answers I have seen, some are not so clear to me and I need clarifications on some cards that I have not seen addressed.


Holocaust-The rules say players expelled from an area, lose their turn.  If this card is played do any players expelled from the areas discarded lose their turn.

Destroy the Soul of Infinity Final Mission-In Shadows of Omega Revised Edition, the card says go to Infinity's Lair and roll a speed check to determine how long you remain in the area to destroy the Soul of Infinity.  If you roll a 16 or higher, you remain in the area for one turn.  Now I've seen the ruling on resistance mission where the same turn you choose the mission objective counts as the first turn.  Does this mean someone who rolls a 16 or higher wins the game?

Creatures-I've noticed in Beyond Good and Evil and Twilight of the Gods some creatures have an Immunity to Ki, Trickery, or Magic  In Shadows of Omega Revised Edition, most creatures say you can't play cards with those abilities in that combat.  Are they essentially the same?

Combat-I also noticed in the Twilight of the Gods rulebook it says you can play Combat cards for creatures.  I've looked through all the mission cards for all three sets and other than The Lurker on the Threshold, I don't see any other creatures that allow this.  Does this mean players can play their Combat cards for any creature or is that a typo?

Mystical Node-Its a trap card yet it has Interruption written on it.  Is this a typo or is it a special trap card?

Scout Patrol-It says when you play this, you discard two areas, even if they have preliminary encounters on them to choose two new areas and the preliminary encounters from the old areas are then discarded.  It doesn't say you draw new preliminary encounters for the new areas but I'm assuming you do.  Am I right in assuming this?

The Twilight of The Gods Final Mission-It says you go to any of those three areas and pass a speed check of 15.  If you do it says you fight the second form of Genesis with one character.  I don't have to fight the first form correct?

Block-It doesn't allow players in the area the turn its played and the following turn, correct?

Finally, does the Twilight of the Gods rulebook supercede the other two since it adds escapes and clarifies most of the rules?

Any help is appreciated 

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I don't have 'Twilight of the Gods', but I will try to answer your questions.

Holocaust - No, they can continue their turn normally.  I may be wrong but I don't know of any rule saying that being expelled makes you lose a turn, it is just effectively the same after your movement.

Destroy the Soul of Infinity - They must make it to the end of the turn without being expelled, but there are only a few interruptions that could cause them to be expelled so usually, yes, a 16 or higher wins the game.

Creatures - This is effectively the same, though a few magic/ki cards can be played before the combat and have ongoing effects.  I would guess that this was another case of different translations without intending for the two wordings to be any different, though.

Combat - No.  I'm not sure where you saw this rule, I can't find it in the online rulebook for Twilight of the Gods.

Mystical Node - Must be a twilight of the guards card, but I would guess that it is a typo.  Technically I guess you could play it at any time, but if you play it outside the reset phase and it is the only one, then everyone will no what it is.

Scout Patrol - Again, I don't have the card, but whenever an area is put into play, a preliminary encounter is put on it.

Twilight of the Gods - Don't have the card, without all the text I can't say.

Block - Whatever their meaning, there is obviously a gramatic typo on this card.  I've always played that it only lasts for one turn.

I don't know of any rules changes between the rule books, just additional options and rules for card types that only appear in that set.  Twilight of the Gods does not include rules for Factions or Organizations, presumably because it does not have any of those cards.

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Thanks for the response.  You confirmed some of my suspicions on how the cards are ruled.

As far as playing Combat cards for creatures goes, I saw this in the "When are Advantage cards and Character special abilities used" section of the rulebook.  It reads "Combat-These cards can be used by players when a Combat begins.  They must be used before the Party (or Creature) in the Combat have rolled the dice, unless the card expressly states otherwise." 

You may be right, cause the other two rulebooks don't mention using Combat cards for Creatures.  However, I didn't know you had to discard Advantage cards if you lose to a Creature either until I played Beyond Good & Evil and Twilight of the Gods.  I looked all over the rulebooks on that one so it could be a rule that isn't really touched on.

Thanks again,  I appreciate the assistance.

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The meaning of that rule is that Combat cards must be played before either of the dice are rolled, not that creatures can play cards.  I think the older rule books were just using 'parties' as a generic term for the two participants in the combat.  Twilight of the Gods clarified that it still applies when a the combat is between a party and a creature, but ended up creating some awkward sentence structure.

I didn't know of any rule that you have to discard an advantage card when you lose to a creature.  When you lose to another player they steal an advantage card, and there may be some creature cards which say you discard cards when they beat you, but for most creatures they just expell you and sometimes kill a character.

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