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Lysander - Digital Illustration - Work in Progress

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 This is my first post here, thought I would share a Painting I am doing during my lunch hours.

I should mention I don't do this for a living its just for fun. This is not my usual genre but had a space itch I felt needed scratching. These are images of the process and the image is not yet finished I will post more when I have it. I hope you like it.

Initial Sketch 
Initial sketch

Hammer perspective

Scanned into photoshop and working out perspective on hammer

1 hour in

Working out more of the forms

Working out the flow

Trying to figure out flow of the image


Blocking in some values (black and white)

Quick colour test

Quick colour test

More Value

Adding in backup

Even more value

Start detailing

Inserted honor guard

Add honour guard to the front to give the image more depth

Working out the unfinished areas

My notes for correcting

Working out perspective

The perspective on this need a little work

Adding light sources

working out the light sources

First colour pass

First colour pass


Thunder hammer

Thunder hammer detail


Still more to do

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Very nice. His leading leg looks kind of strange though, like his foot isn't pointing in the same direction that his knee is. I also question the placement of the chaos space marine's bolter.

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