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Some newbie questions

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 1) Can I make multiple attempts to heal a dead model?  For example, in the command phase I try heal my Flak Grenadier, then in the unit phase can I try to heal the same guy if I failed in the command phase.

2) Can I try to heal over multiple turns? In the example above, in the next turn could I try a third time to heal him?

3) When i get the radio team it has 2 radiomen.  Does this mean I can make 2 commands outside the 12 inches or is it 1 command per team?

4) Do heroes that are purchased as platoon hq get the Command Squad ability? The ability that gives them one extra command in the Command Phase.


Thanks for the help.

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 1) Yes, You can give a unit the take action order then try healing again during the unit phase, you cannot use heal twice during the unit phase though.

2) Yes, as long as you can take one action you can use it to heal.

3) Yes, but only if they start as or become the command section of the unit.

4) No, Only command squads get this ability. They still get the extended command range though.

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