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Elder Sign : Omens (iPad) BUG REPORTS

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 I'm not sure if there is an Omen's forum or not, I didn't see one. So I thought I'd post it here and hopes that it gets to the right parties.



If you tap on the character button (that opens the character examination panel) directly after the turn switches but in the split second before a midnight effect happens the game will lock up with the shutters closed. I've reproduced this 5/5.



If you have one rune locked and you have only two runes remaining (one purple one green) if you lock the second remaining rune with a 'holder' type spell (logically or not). You will no longer be able to discard any runes and cannot exit the adventure.

So, to explain it a second way:

  1. 1 Locked rune. One free rune remaining. Roll.
  2. Lock remaining green rune (the one time I did this it happened to be 2 lore runes) with a 'holder' type spell.
  3. Be unable to discard either rune into the vortex, inability to leave adventure.

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First of all, there IS an Elder Sign: Omens forum, which is located in FFG Forums/Media/Elder Sign: Omens (

Secondly, the forum is not for bug reporting, so your information might not reach the proper staff who handles it.  Please use the link like User Support at the very bottom of the page.

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