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1-page house rules, v.4

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My rules have changed so much that I decided that a new thread is in order. These rules are much more in line with the original design and complexity of the game, and should be easy to add in to make the game more exciting and historical.

 Firing: All firing (NOT assaults)is counted as suppressive fire, with one important addition: rolling 2 or 3 hits also causes a casualty on the target unit. Combined Fire adds half of the defending unit’s defense dice per attacking unit.

Medic: A medic does not grant cover, but allows a 4+ save against suffering a casualty from a fire action.
Squad basing (Elites): Elite figures should be evenly split between squad bases. You may have 1 squad base with 1 more elite, and 1 with one less than the average.

Pinned Units: Pinned units may be activated for a Concentrated Fire action at half firepower, or full firepower if an officer is present, as pinning is much more prevalent now. This means they have the same firepower as when being assaulted. Desperate Defenders now allows disrupted units to fire at half firepower instead.

Losing an assault: Units that lose an assault suffer 1 automatic suppression hit.

Defensive Fire: A fresh unit that is assaulted may fire defensive fire when the assaulting moves an adjacent hex. This fire is treated as killing fire, and only hits on a 6. Other fresh units in the hex may also support this fire with Combined Fire rules. Units performing defensive fire become fatigued. The assaulting unit may choose to abort.

Basing Machine Guns and Mortars: Machine guns and mortars cannot be doubled up on a squad base.

Machine Guns’ Rapid Op Fire: is limited as follows: Every time they use Rapid Opportunity Fire, roll a D6. If the result is 2 or more, it may stay in Overwatch. On a 1, the overwatch counter is turned over to the fatigued side.

MG against armored vehicles: Machine guns only have firepower 1 against any vehicles with an armour value.

Mortar smoke rounds: Mortars may now lay smoke in addition to firing normally. This is simply resolved by placing a smoke token on the target hex after if the mortar team manages at least one success with 2 dice, requiring 5+ at normal range and 6+ at long range.

Mortars & Artillery: Mortars and artillery do not cause casualties when scoring 2 or 3 hits, unless the defending units are in woods, or the artillery card is listed as killing fire. Artillery cards with killing fire are doubled in firepower. Against vehicles, mortars and artillery halve their firepower and strike the rear armor. Units in entrenchments increase their cover value by 2 against mortars and artillery.

Engineer Specialization: May spend 2 movement points to remove an entrenchment or tank traps, similar to Razor Wire. Also grants +2 firepower in assaults against vehicles.

Anti-Tank Specialization: Works against pillboxes.

Vehicle Facing & Armour: Heavy vehicles have a different armor value for front (the 3 front hexes) and flanks (the 3 rear hexes): Vehicles must face a hexside at the end of each move. Light Vehicles may only draw LOS through their front hexes. Armor values: Tiger I: 6/ 4 thick armor //// Panzer IV: 5 / 2 //// M4 Sherman: 4 / 3

Vehicles in assaults: You may assault hexes with heavy vehicles in them AND assault with vehicles.Vehicles use their normal armor in assaults, front or flank, depending on the attacker’s assault hex (except they always use their rear armor when assaulting), and their firepower is halved or reduced by two (if assaulted from the front). The opponent’s permission is required to allocate hits on vehicles, and they make armor rolls only against those hits. Attacks from supporting units cannot be allocated on vehicles, so roll them separately if necessary. Vehicles may not assault buildings or pillboxes.

Hull Down: Heavy Vehicles on a higher level than the attacker gain +1 cover.


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 I just wanted to add that there is no doubling of killing fire for artillery, instead All artillery effects are increased by 1 in firepower.

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We have used some of your modified rules, worked fine.


We allso have made some house-rules of our own.

Fresh engineer squad can fatigue on the same hex with a vehicle to repair it.
It takes engineer sqaud 2 actions to repair heavily damaged to lightly damageg and lightly damaged to normal.
So with two engineer squads you can repair one vehicle within one round. Vehicle under repair is also fatiqued.

Infantry gains 1+ cover if there is a vehicle on the same hex.

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