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Questions about Aircraft

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Get_Outside said:

Hey guys,


What happens to non-air calvary unit that crash in transport helo?


Can aircraft be given an order to fire in the combat pahse without taking a compulsory move?


Units without air-cav are destroyed with the Heli

Aircraft must make the compulsory move before their normal 2 actions shooting / move etc. You could give them an order in the command phase which would technically allow them to shoot before their compulsory :)

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Get_Outside said:

What page in Operation Zerograd references those two items?


pg 15 - Aircraft activation

1. Declare Altitude

2. Resolve compulsory move

3. Declare actions

4. Resolve actions

pg 18 - Carry Capacity (3rd bullet)

When an aircraft unit is elimiated, any units embarked in it are also eliminated

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