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Couve Timber

Anyone played Grimm with kids?

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What I would say is that the age appropriate level for this game would probably fall into the PG-13 to even the R rating. depending on how much of the characterization you want to have to explain. considering that one of the major protagonist NPCs is a massocist, and what has happened to many of the iconic Grimm characters that are featured in many of the areas. though it should be said that it is difficult to put Grimm into an age range, or at least one that does not target adults quickly. I would think that the game was designed with the intent of having players that have grown up, and come to realize that the stories they heard as kids didn't just stop at happily ever after. as the players almost need to have the understanding that these worlds are much more bleak places then the Disney versions of these stories make them out to be.


personally I would not introduce kids to this game, until they can see through the shiny exterior of the Disney versions, and be able to watch such things as "Jim Henson's The Story Teller" with little issue, and utmost understanding. I would also suggest obtaining a copy of the original Grimm fairytales, or a collection thereof. there should be the opertunity to get a digital version possibly even for free. remember Disney is only a primer for a general gloss over of this game.

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