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WHI tourney at Castle Stahleck: 18. Nov (side events during the Tourny of Stahleck)

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from 16-18th of Nov the Tourney of Stahleck is going to happen. in the centre of this event are the AGOT European Championships (http://www.eaglecard.org/tourneyofstahleck/).

but after 2 days of intense tournament gaming, some might prefer to play something else on sunday (given they didnt make it into the AGOT Joust top 8). so there are going to be small tournaments for other LCGs as well. here we go:

WHI LCG Tournament
when: Sunday 18. nov, starting at 10 am
where: Burg Stahleck, 55422 Bacharach (rheinland-pfalz, in the middle of germany)
number of rounds depending on number of players, swiss
fee: 5 euro*
prizes: Game Night Kit 3/12, signed cards, boardgames
pre-registration welcome

*not for those that are staying at the castle for the Tourney of Stahleck.

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some might want to come to Castle Stahleck already on saturday. thats possible.

the fee is 35 euro. that includes:


- a bed in a multiple bed room (with COC / WHI / A:Net players)

- dinner on saturday (18 - 19.30)

- breakfast & lunch on sunday

- free coffee during your stay

- tourney fee for the sunday tournament


registration needed till (write an email to: thorondor@gmx.at)

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registrations still welcome. there is just a small number of players confirmed, and some "maybes". if till monday i wont have at least 10 registrations, the event will be cancelled. so hurry!

which would be a shame, cause i got EXCELLENT prize support for WHI!


btw: there are going to be 3 artists present during the weekend

Tiziano Baracchi

Ilich Henriquez

Dimitri Bielak




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