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A Near Miss in To The Barricades!

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 We were kind of hosed. The Deep One Rising Track was one away from awakening the Azathoth. Azathoth's doom track was one away. Thus next Mythos phase we were damned if a gate opens and damned if a gate doesn't open. (Yeah, a gate burst would have delayed the inevitable but after hours at the table none of us were really hoping for that outcome)

We had 6 seals (You need 8 in Barricades). However! After a memorable relaying of a Find Gate spell across the board through four characters, eventually reaching Daisy we had two people prepared to seal gates this turn.

Tony Morgan who was up against a -3 gate (giving him 0 dice to close the gate), who had failed last turn using up the last of his spare clue tokens. He had failed his personal story so killing monsters also gets him clue token and two Mi-Gos were sitting on him. He was in rough shape and failing a horror or a combat check against either of them would result in him being carted off for repairs. A few lucky rolls later and he had two new useless unique items (we were sorta hoping that one of those elusive elder signs would finally appear this game) and two clue tokens.

Daisy sealed hers!

Back to Tony Morgan and his two new clue tokens. He threw both of them in the pot and picked up his dice… Rolling a 4 and a 2. The gate he struggled with remained open and, in far off Dunwich, another gate opened, awakening Azathoth and dooming the world.


Thanks to David for running a great game of Barricades! 



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 That was a fun game and I really enjoyed it.

The relay at the end was awesome!!! I just wish it worked. 

Thanks to all who played the game and to David for running it. It was my first game of To the Barricades. I guess a win for the first time would have been a little too much to ask for.

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