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logistics tests, various questions

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Ok just erased all my text so a quick version here….

first of, cant find any rules for how often you're supposed to be able to request gear, outside of mission assignment gear. We go by once a month but perhaps we missed something?

Secondly, i lost an eye in a recent fight with some orcs. shouldn't it be easier for me to request a new eye, than it is for my squadmates? As it is now we could all request one at the same difficulty. Seems weird.

Thirdly, working the system, the finding people and trading and so on.. how does it work exactly? seems complicated

in short:

1: logistics test, how often?

2: need or greed? Any difference?

3: Working the system, how does it work really?

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1. Technically unlimited but I run it as a person may make the test once for each item but can request as many items as they want.

Example: Person wants a lasgun, rolls logistics and fails, he has to wait till he's got another chance to put in a request. However he can put in a request for each item on every chart if he so desires.

It's all really vague and GM dependent. But if they're requesting ammo or grenades I give them 3 if they pass the test.

2. There is no difference. The imperial guard doesn't care that you have more need of a new eye than another guy. That's what working the system is for.

3. Determined by the GM.


Basically hope the final book provides more examples.

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yeah, im a big confused as the "working the system" part says you need to raise both commerce and fellowship.

commerce can be used to evaluate so i guess there might be a roll just to evaluate the thing you want to trade, and i suppose in all fairness the same should be done by the guy you perhaps find. if he rolls bad he might consider it worth more than it is and thus give you a higher chance to obtain what you want? but not sure about the last part..

also you need to make a roll just to find the right guy.

i guess technically you could butter him up by being nice using fellowship, allowing for an easier roll later, though its not mentioned but thats the only use i can think of for fellowship as evaluate is intelligence. it also mentions some bonus or penalties depending on who you are dealing with and what they think of you, if i recall correctly.

after that you make an opposed roll of commerce, adding the rarity of your items to your rolls and then if you get many successes you get a bonus on your next roll, the actual logistics roll…

if this is the way its intended its needlessly complicated.


another way i guess would be to evaluate the item hidden (gm) and then simply make one commerce for finding a guy interested in trading your item and depending on your successes its an easier roll.. the logistics roll after seems weird though. if i find a guy, have something he wants more than what he has, why do i need to make a new roll? or is it that HE is supposed to go get one for me?

sigh.. hope the book is out soon :P

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As for now we go by these rules:

Mission gear is by the book. you "get it" but roll to see any changes.

squad gear, once a week. This is things like extra magnoculars, medkits, scopes, extra grenades and stuff like that. Simply things our squad wants to be able to do missions. This isn't anything rare for the most part, simply the basic stuff that aren't standard regiment but as a droptrooper squad we noticed that we might need a few things when we end up behind enemy lines. All has to be approved by GM before we can roll.

personal gear, once a month. If you want something special that is beyond your normal gear. Extra cybernetics or a powersword. Such things. Regular penalties.

+ you can work the system trying to trade stuff and so on, but always a risk of getting caught and executed.

i wonder what the system will be like when the book is out though :P

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