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Judgement of Loec

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It becomes a face-up development and is no longer considered to be a unit.


From the FAQ:


Q: What happens when I play
Judgement of Loec (MC 26)
on a unit?

A: The unit it is attached to
stays faceup and is considered
to be a development for as
long as Judgement of Loec
remains attached to it (see page
8 for information on faceup
developments). If it is played on
a unit that is questing, that unit is
removed from the quest and placed
into the zone it was questing in.


Page 8:


Some cards can become faceup
developments. If a card becomes a
faceup development (and is only a
development), remove all damage
and resource tokens from it. Faceup
developments are considered to
have no text box, no power, no
cost, no loyalty, no traits, and no hit
points. They do retain their title and
uniqueness and are considered to be in

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And what about situation, when we have Kairos in play? What happens to chaos unit, if Judgment is attached to it?

Which effect is dominant? Kairos or JoL?




found the answer.


Q. If another effect turns the Judgement of Loec development into a unit (i.e. Kairos Fateweaver,Bolt of Change, or Spellsinger) what happens?
A. You take the net effect of the two effects.  For most effects (like these examples), this results in a blank unit with no power and 2 HP.



still, it's not the obvious solution, but since it is approved by developers, i'll accept it.

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Question 1


Does the High Elf player that played Judgement of Loec considered to be the controller of Judgement och Loec or is it the effected player.




Can you target Judgement of Loec if Tor Elyr is in play for the High Elf player

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What about this scenario?

The High Elf player plays JoL on à facedown development.

In à later turn the opponent turns the development by à cardeffect into à unit.

What happens to JoL?

1. It effect is ignored

2. The effect is still active and turns the units textbox blank and it turns to à development again

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Not Corb this time.

This happens a lot in a game.

The High Elf player plays Judgement on a Chaos players unit.

The Chaos player has a card that triggers when a units leaves play.

Because it not leaves play the effect doesnt trigger.


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