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2 Q - Book Club & Ambush

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Good Morning fellow investigators


I have two questions that I couldnt clear through the Search tool of the forums (why do they always work so bad?)

So..let's see:

Q1: Members of the Book Club (Relationship Card):

Anytime either you or your partner attempts to use a Tome (other than as a result of this card), the other may immediately attempt to use the same Tome, even if it has been exhausted or discarded.

·How would this exaclty works? In my play group, when the member in posession of the Tome failed to read it (Old Journal, in the example that happened yesterday), if his partner had success with the roll, he would draw the 3 clue tokens, but the Tome would remain not discarded. I'm not an expert at english, so I will explain it here:

Player A has Members of the Book Club with Player B

Player A has Old Journal (-1Lore Test, if success, gain 3 clue tokens) and tries to read it.

Player A doesnt have success at reading it, but Player B tries to read it aswell due to the relationship and pass it, he wins 3 clues.

What happens now to the tome? Is it discarded because one of the players had success reading it? Because yesterday that happened to me. I had the tome, and with my Lore of 3 I wasnt able to pass the test 6 turns in a row, and my partner Akachi won like 18 Clue Tokens because of this..and we thought there was something wrong with that. I mean, there are ways to exploit this. Get cursed, get a Massa di Requiem per Shuggay, and, well, goodbye to the chances of the AO to awake…there must be something we are doing wrong.


Q2: Ambush:

Once combat has begun with this creature, the investigator no longer has the option to flee it, but must instead fight until one or the other is defeated.

Do you still have the chance to Evade the monster? I mean, when an encounter results in a monster, and it says: treat it as if it has the skill Ambush, do you still have the chance to Evade him before the fight begins?


PD: One last-minute Question: I think I read somewhere that the skill related to the Martial Law in Insmouth Horror has changed, so, what test do you need? Evade or Sneak?


Thanks for your time!



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Interesting questions…

As to your first inquiry, I would say if it is discarded by even one of the Investigators it may no longer be of use.  Thus, Player "A" reads tethe Old Journal and passes, gaining 3 Clue Tokens.  Player "B" may also read it and whether Player "B" passes or fails the skill check, discard Old Journal.  By the same token, If Player "A" fails the skill check, but Player "B" passes the skill check and gains 3 Clue Tokens, you would still discard the item.  I would interpret the Relationship card in this manner, so the only time you wouldn't discard it is a situation in which both Player "A" and "B" have failed the skill check.

As to your second inquiry ~ Ambush should prevent the Investigator from attempting to Evade it in subsequant rounds…otherwise, there's no point to the Ambush designation on the monster token.

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Seconded. If either investigator successfully reads the book, it is discarded. However, even if the first one successfully reads it, the second one still has a chance to read it before it gets discarded (except, of course, for Tomes that aren't discarded upon successfully reading).

Yes, you can evade the monster before entering combat, as normal. Once combat begins, you cannot evade again and would have to either kill the monster or take advantage of a rare card ability to escape combat unharmed.

Martial Law is indeed supposed to be an evade check, not a Sneak check.

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Thank you very much, guys, all cleared



Tbla said:

I think so. Since it says that he can attempt to use it and spending movement is a part of trying to use it.

What about this? What happens if the other investigator moved already? If he has that Speed would be enough? I mean, If I read Old Journal (requires spending 1 Movement, my partner, that already moved, is able to try to read it, but, what happens here?

a) He cant, because he already moved?

b) He can, because he has 1 or more Speed on his stats atm

c)If he moves after me, he will have 1 less movement, since he used one atempting to read the tome

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My two cents. The card states pretty clearly that the other investigators is allowed to read the Tome as well. Consider this situation:

- investigators A and B linked by the book club
- it's investigator B's turn, and he has a book, and decides to read it
- investigator A then is allowed to read the book as well because of the relationship's text, even if his movement's over

I'd go with this: Members of the book club allows an investigator to read a Tome during another investigator's turn. So, no way this can affect the movement points of an investigator whose turn has still to begin or has already passed.

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