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Plastic Card Advantages!

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Lets get straight to the point…..If you laminate all of your cards, you can add them to a grab bag/box instead of decks. This costs hundreds of dollars, but it allows you to form new cards and characters on the fly! No perfection is needed other than making your cards the exact same size as the others in the grab bag. As for myself, I am an artist and enjoy making them look alot like the game cards. Player pieces can also be created using plastics and clay. After reading the forums, I came to the conlusion that this game is about FREEDOM. Some rules are wrong, some cards are questionable, some spaces are useless, some players argue……this is the beauty of TALISMAN! It is yours. It can be completely yours too by being creative and not getting so concerned with formalities. After playing many custom games I can tell you that some end in quick victory, and some end in quick death. You truely never know what will happen when you throw this "balance" off. For example, go ahead and make a SPACE MUTANT with 1 life but 10 craft and 1 strength. PARTY TIME MY FRIENDS!!! partido_risa.gifThis game is a hidden gem for all of us lucky enough to percieve it's value.

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