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 I am LOVING the new X-wing game and cant wait to play my first game this week, with all the current expansions (and looking forward to the next wave!) Good on FFG for getting the most iconic ships of the star  wars universe out  so soon!


So here is my wish list for future expansions:


Imperial Shuttle

Assault on Death Star pack - basically sheets you can lay out representing the trench, and miniature turrets that can be placed by the Imperial player.

And possibly some big expansion ideas:

Ground-based miniatures:

Assault on Hoth pack - ATATs, snowspeeders, turrets, oh my….

Battle for Endor Pack - ATATs, speeder bikes, ATSTs, ewoks!!

Tatooine Battle pack - Jawa sandcrawlers, land speeders, Tusken Raiders (on Banthas), Stormtroopers (on Dewbacks)

Capital Ship Scale Rules - lets bring out the Star Destroyers and Rebel Frigates!!!

I know there will be the inevitable Prequel ships, but I am not remotely excited by these.

 Hopefully lots of things to expect from FFG in the future!




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 Can't wait for B-Wing and Tie Bombers. Lambda Shuttles would be cool, too.

Maybe Z-95 Headhunters, Tie Defenders, Misthunter, IG-2000, Hound's Tooth,…


But NOT interested in ground vehicles. If I wanted this I would have played the SWMG.

This is a rumour hailing from video games. Starships attacking ground targets.

Do you think the rebels would have fought the AT-ATs with Snowspeeders when X-Wings were suitable for battles in the atmosphere?

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 In ESB, we see TIEs and the Millenium Falcon battling in the breathable atmosphere of Bespin. We know X-Wings can fly in atmosphere. We know lasers can fire in atmosphere. Why couldn't they do both at the same time?

I think the lack of starfighters in the battle of Hoth makes sense. The Rebels had only a few starfighters there, and they were reserved for the important duty of escorting the supply ships during the evacuation. Hoth was a temporary base, maybe even a decoy. Snowspeeders are relatively cheap, and could buy time for the evacuation. The Rebels really had no hope of winning that battle, with or without the few X-Wings they might have brought to bear against AT-ATs. There was still a Star Destroyer above the planet.

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