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A few questions

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 Hey guys,

I'm about to play my first round of infiltration with friends but there's a few things where the manual leaves me confused:


- Being wounded: So, I get wounded. When I now try to either advance or retreat I become delayed, so I can't advance/retreat at the beginning of the next phase, but I'm no longer delayed and can advance/retreat the turn after, which will cause me to become delayed again and so on until I'm healed. Did I get that right?

- Entering rooms: Does the entry text trigger every single time I enter the room, no matter what, even I have already been through the room several times?

-NPCs: -Tyrone Kent/James Harris: Move him backward 1 room: Backward being deeper into the facility?
             -Leah Bailey: If she's in the Loading Dock, Entry room etc. I have to remove her and increase the proximity dial. She moves backwards, which I guess deeper into the facility so in order to check if it's one of the specified rooms I'd have to look at still unrevealed rooms which would strike me as gaining an unfair advantage?



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1) Yup; being wounded basically halves your movement rate--though not exactly.  Importantly, since room and item effects are unaffected by woundedness, you can, for example, advance one turn, play Qianju PT the next, and then advance again the turn after that

2) Yeah, every time

3) No, "backward" is retreating, towards the exit

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