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Edge of the Empire Beta Update: Week 6

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EldritchFire said:

You mean Dark Forces III and Dark Forces IV? I mean, the Jedi Knight game's full title is Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. They decided that Kyle Katarn, the main character of Dark Forces, needed to be a Jedi. So they made the second game his "coming of age" story. Then they did two more games with Kyle Katarn in his Jedi role, and just seemed to forget the actual title of the series :P


I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.


ROFL!  Tru.dat


Kyle was much, MUCH cooler before becoming a Jedi.  But it sure was fun stompin' around with your lightsaber, then spying a rodian on a far-away ledge on Nar Shadaa, switching to first-person with my Disruptor Rifle, then VAPORIZING him!  Muahahahahaaa!

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