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Demonic possession (Quest compendium scenario)

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Hi friends!

hope there is still some of the "old guard" reading this forum even if it was moved :-) Today I played the scenario "Demonic possession", hosted in the Quest compendium, and I have strongly mixed feelings at this regard. I really think it's dramatically unbalanced. At first, because of the lack of some glyphs in the central region of the dungeon (zero in area 1 and area 4; basically, everytime one of your characters dies, you have to have him respawning from the beginning of the dungeon, unless you've already activated the one in area 5 (area 6 could be maybe easier to activate, but still, if you need to respawn and go to Area 5, is a real pain in the ass having all that distance to cover). But anyway, I was good enough to have only one character being killed in room 5 after the glyph was activated (Mok died because of a beastman, so at the moment I possessed the demon, I had lost only two CT), but still, I wasn't able to beat the game. The named master demon in the final room was simply too powerful for the equipment my party had. I had to go hunting for the last gold chest to find ONE decent weapon to kill the monster, but it was too late. Generally speaking, I'm rather good at being a hero, but this time I felt frustrated most of the time because it seemed like there was no way to reach the final goal.

Just wanted to know your thoughts and if you had the same problems of balance I had



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