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My Baratheon deck : critique required

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Hi all, below is my Baratheon Knights deck which i thought i would share. The deck is constructed using 2 core decks and approximately 60% of the available chapters ( what i currently own )

Any comments are actively welcomed and in particular suggestions that may include cards i currently do not own. It is designed for Joust predominently.

It started off as a Lannister destroyer deck ( my friends ) and has now evolved for a little more balance.

Construction is as follows :

30 Characters

15 locations

7 Attachments

9 Events

TOTAL 61 cards

AGENDA : Knights of the Realm


  • Threat From The North
  • Lineage And Legacy
  • Loyalty Money Can Buy
  • Valar Morghulis
  • The Red Wedding
  • An Empty Throne
  • Men Of Duty
  • CHARACTERS                                                                             
  • Sir Cournay Penrose x2
  • Arrogant Contender x2
  • Sir Arthur Dayne x2
  • Stannis Baratheon x3
  • Hedge Knight x3
  • Highgarden Refugee x2
  • Salladhor Saan x1
  • The Laughing Storm x2
  • Knights of Flowers x1
  • Knights Of The Storm x1
  • Robert Baratheon x2
  • Davos's Confident x2
  • Vanguard Lancer x2
  • Willis Tyrell x2
  • Ser Guyard Morrigen x1


  • The Art Of Diplomacy x3
  • Lightbringer x1
  • Lordship x1
  • Stinking Drunk x2


  • Great Hall x2
  • Stormlands Fiefdoms x2
  • King Roberts Chambers x1
  • Smugglers Cove x1
  • Narrow Sea x3
  • The Stormlands x2
  • Highgarden x1
  • Massey's Hook x1
  • The Nightfort x1
  • Myr x1


  • Obey The King x2
  • Make An Example x1
  • Muster x1
  • Dissension x3
  • Superior Claim x1
  • Paper Shield x1


I look forward to the response, comments, critique and questions. Thankyou




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Good point , totally forgot about this.

Going to post on carddb and use the template as it will be cleaner and more digestible. Pleae feel free to comment over there.


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