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Custom Paint Jobs: X-wings Red 2, 3 & 5, Y-Wings Gold 1 & 2 (with Turrets!)

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Geek level 10 has been acheived! haha

I use to paint a little back in the day and this X-Wing game has re-awakened the old hobby juices. Sadly more than HALF of my GW paints have dried out though! !  :(

I was inspired by this guy's great repaint of Red 5 found here:


And so I said to myself, I could do that, and it would look so cool on the table. I gave it a shot, let me know what you think. I painted Luke, Biggs and Wedge. I researched how each fighter actually looked using google image search and, learned quite a lot about the X-wings used in Star Wars IV (like the difference between Piro Models and Hero Models).

Another thing that really bugged me was the lack of Ion cannons on the Y-Wings. So I came up with a good solution. I took some Epic Eldar Guardians and chopped off their guns. I then used Epoxy Glue and tweezers to glue them onto the Y-Wings. After a night of drying I painted them up. They looked great, so I was really happy with that.

I touched up the yellow and grey on the Y-Wings in places and gave some extra damage in spots. I also painted the brass piping as seen in the Y-Wing models. Generally I'm happy with the paint jobs and might go back and add some details, especially on the Y-Wings, but I thought I'd share these guys with you all as they are now. Hope you enjoy the pics.


For those interested, here are the paints I used:

Ship Colour - Komando Khaki and a little bit of Rotting Flesh

Cockpits - Elf Grey

Red on X-Wing - Blood Red

Replacement Panels on X-Wings - Golden Yellow

Used Black Ink to edge parts of panels, cockpits

Y-Wing Piping - Dwarf Bronze

Y-Wing Yellows - used Golden Yellow to darken areas, sunburst to highlight

Y-Wing Turrets - Painted them with Komando Khaki and Rotting flesh mix. The applied a light wash of black ink. Then highlighted again the edges with the Komando Khaki and Rotting flesh mix.





Wedge Red 2, Biggs Red 3 and Luke Red 5





Luke Skywalker close up. I even painted R2-D2. Love that little guy :)



I dabbed a little bit of purple/pink in the engines. You can't really see it well here though.





Red 5 top view



Biggs Red 3 and his little R2 buddy. Notice the black outlines on some of the panels help bring them out.













Wedge, Red 2, the best Rebel fighter pilot in the game









Y-Wings Gold 1 and Gold 2









I added 3 "eyes" to this R5 astromech.













I touched up some of the yellow and added damage paint chips.






A Group shot. I feel like I can take on the whole Empire myself with these little guys!

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Ming31 said:

I am off to my paint desk   thanks


I concur! Great paint and very inspiring! I'd been talking myself out of re-painting, but seeing these pics is just too much. The Necrons are gonna have to take a backseat for a few weeks. :) 


Also, I've had decent results thinning old, dried-out pots of paint with Tamiya Acrylic Thinner (X-20 or something experimental sounding like that). I originally bought it to thin the GW paint I was shooting through my airbrush, but turns out it's good for resurrecting old paint as well. Put in a few drops, mix it up, shake it, check consistency, repeat as necessary. I also add some kind of small hard media (tiny rocks, BBs, very small coins, etc.) if the paint's REALLY old. Works a treat. 

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