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Allied Lists at 300?

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So I have been looking around the forums and I cannot get an idea what average Allied lists look like at 300AP.  I have a tournament coming up and I was hoping to get some ideas to see what is competitive for the Allies.  Aside from a Heavy Walker what are people using?  I'm open to ideas as I have played very few games and would like a fighting chance.

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 Well I play Axis but I can give you a good idea of what I have faced in tournaments. 

- A fireball airdrop list. so a fireball with airdrop and troops inside. 

- Lots of Rattlers. A few Cobras.

- Rhino paired with The Hammers

Also be ready for anything.

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Here is a new list I will be trying soon.


Assualt Platoon
CS: "Hell Boys' Ranger Attack Squad (25)
1S: "BBQ Squad" Assault Ranger Squad (21)
3S: "Red Devils" British Paratroops (32)
4S: "Death Dealers" Ranger Weapon Squad (20)
UP: Air Drop (5)
BS: "Crack Shots" Sniper Team (12)
SU: LAW M1-C "Honey" (25)
SU: HAW M6-B "Fireball" (85)

Elite Platoon
CS: Rhino (22)
1S: "The Hammers" Heavy Ranger Assault Squad (28)
SU: LAW M1-B "Blackhawk" (25)


Plan on air droping the Fireball with BBQ squad, and also have the Paratroopers that can air drop as well.

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Mr.EvilMonkey said:

I'm curious on what is in that airdrop list as I knew about pairing Rhino with a unit of Hammers. 

This is the list I was specifically referring to.

--- Heroes
Rhino (22)
Rosie (21)

--- Combat Platoon (114)
Command Section: "The Boss" Ranger Command Squad (25)
1st Section: "Grim Reapers" Heavy Ranger Attack Squad (30)
3rd Section: "The Gunners" Combat Ranger Squad (17)
Support: MCW M3-D "Rattler" (Zv) (30)
Support: "Crack Shots" Sniper Team (12)

--- Assault Platoon (143)
Upgrade: Air Drop (5)
Command Section: "Hell Boys" Ranger Attack Squad (25)
1st Section: "The Hammers" Heavy Ranger Assault Squad (28)
Support: HAW M6-B "Fireball" (85)

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