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Old Dwarf

Reviews of the Books so Far

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Ghouls of The Miskatonic
by Graham McNeil vol 1 of the Dark Water Triology.


This is the FFG published series based on Arkham Horror,
well not the Game but the Game World.

Being a Mythos **** I preordered when FFG announced
it LAST October.I figured a Lovecraft based Trilogy
Most Mythos stuff is short stories or one off books
(being devoured or going insane has that effect),
so 3 connected books was cool.Little did I realize
I would wait nearly a year for them to publish it

Anyway it came & I just finished it & can safely tell you
Tolstoy can rest easy.It's OK but I'm not holding my breath
for volume 2(I will buy it of course .

Mc Neil uses some of the Arkham Horror his book which
sort of weakens the story,as you know nothing is really going
to happen to them.

The body count is just over the top even for Arkham,
the story involves a Cult,Ghouls & Mi-Go which was a little
loosed ended as to their relationship but I guess that will be
tied up in the next books.

Not bad but unless your a real AH fan it's rather meh…


Bones of The Yopasi
by Graham Mc Neil vol 2 of the Dark Water Triology.


Maybe I should have waited to read this when the entire
Trilogy was complete as at this point I have all of
this blended together with the 2 books on The Lord of
Nightmares .

The Lord of Nightmares started in Kingsport & the last
book was set in Arkham.The Dark Water started in
Arkham & now Bones of the Yopasi is set mostly in Kingsport.
No wonder I get confused.

In any case as unlike The Lord of Nightmares Books
The Dark Water Books are all written by the same person
so at least you are mostly following the same characters.

The usual reference as many Board Game locations &
investigators as possible occures (one investigator gets
2 sentences & then is gone).McNeill manages to
pull in The High House in the Mist,The White Ship,Dream Lands,
The Terrible Old Man(he must be getting tired of visitors
-he was also in The Dance of the Damned) & a nice plot twist.

I don't know,it's an ok read(which applies to both series)
but the use of "town people just don't seem to notice"
is a bit much considering the body count.

Lovecraft & his best followers stuff was like unpeeling
an onion these series are like hacking open a watermellon.


Still it's The Mythos so just waiting for the final book of the series




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