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Storing and Using MoM

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How do you store and use your Mansions of Madness?

Here is how I store mine…




Plano boxes in the original box with the minis on the side. This is not great but it at least 'works' for now. When it comes to game time I lug these out and play on a 4ft x4ft piece of felt. The boxes are not great because they take up a lot of room. I am considering making a case for the game.

What do you do?

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One Plano box, but without the adequate number of dividers I need to separate out all the different pieces.

Here it is in three boxes. I could get it into two, but I need to keep room available for the CotW minis. I'm not looking forward to renovating my boxing AGAIN, but it's all in the name of love I guess. 


So, as it stands, it takes up as much space as my Arkham setup with ALL expansions (three boxes)! A good portion of that space is allocated to figures.

Let this be a warning to any Arkham fans who wish to buy the complete set of monster minis (as if the expense argument wasn't robust enough).

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Looks neat. Nice work!

As if I didn't have enough to consider I went-a-wandering and found this…

I'm not sure that this is a real solution (for storage or in game usage) but they sure look great! Might have to make something like this as its right up my alley.

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