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Demon Prince OL looking for a little input

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Hey guys, New member to FFG, and first time Overlord (for RtL), looking for some advice on a couple lines of play possible at the moment.

So here's the situation. I made a minor mistake, in that I let my friends choose their heroes. Now, I have Tobin Farslayer, Nanok of the Blade, Nara of the Fang, and Landrec the Wise against me, as the Demon Prince with the plot Ascession. So it's turned into a race for brokenness. The only consolation, is they seem to have a few misconceptions about what's best for them strategically (Such as completely dungeons entirely early on, versus fleeing and limiting my CP gain).

Anyways, week two has just finished, and the heroes finished their first dungeon, coming out of it with 20 EXP apiece. I, somehow, managed to come out of the dungeon with 19 CP total. Week 3 is about to start, which would put me to 20 CP, Sir Alric will begin Sieging Nerekhall here too, and I can't make a decision on what my next play should be. I came out with way more Conquest than I expected, which is a good thing. I had been planning on waiting and buying Silver Eldritch as soon as possible, as is generally encouraged, but I've recently thought of a few other possibilities.

(Real quick, here's a link to our campaign tracker so you can look if you want/need more info about answering this.

Possibility #1: Spend 16 CP, get KAA, Get him moving Nerekhall with Sir Alric to siege for major conquest token gain. Then move on to Greyhaven for the same thing. This would give me 10 CP a siege, negating most of the cost of KAA, allowing me to get Silver Eldritch ASAP again.

Possibility #2: Spend 10 CP on an Event Trechery, grabbing Crushing Blow. I have Lawlessness in play, and it's still the beginning of the copper level, meaning I could probably Crushing Blow a hero every encounter they have. This seems like a decent idea because it could lead to TPK's in encounters, also netting me more conquest, and make their dungeon runs more difficult as well. This would be especially useful for Tobin, as he only has a bow equipped at the moment, and it would negate his usefulness almost entirely.

Possibility #3: Sit, wait, get Silver Eldritch, and punish them for their love of dungeons this way.


I'm just looking for a little of what you guys think about these courses of action. The Pros and Cons of each one. 

(I Posted this to BGG as well to get some input from that community too, so don't be to surprised if you see this there too)

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