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Heavy Gunners with Autocannons

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I think that is a perfectly viable stance to take if you are developing a new rpg or are into heavily modifing existing ones. I still think all of you are overblowing what in essence is not an issue or at most a very minor one though.

You stated it makes weapons mobile that can shoot potentialy hundreds of meters. That part is true. However we're talking about them taking a half move which will generally be 2-5 meters at most and using a gun that has a range of 300 meters. The short range on the thing is 150 meters. So the 2-5 meters of mobility is really a tiny drop in the bucket that won't really matter. If they can see the target they can shoot it.

If I made any rules changes it would probably be to not allow scopes or called shots to be used with heavy weapons so they don't turn into sniping weapons.

At this point though I think I've gotten my point across. If all of you feel like developing house rules have fun with it. I know some people really get into and enjoy that sort of thing.

Cheers Mates

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What if Bulging Biceps halved the -30 penalty for failing to brace instead of eliminating it entirely? A -15 penalty seems enough that the talent is still useful without being gamebreaking. Heavy Gunners should still prefer Bracing whenever possible, but they can still contribute without it.

Tech-priests in Rogue Trader can get Machinator Array, increasing Strength and Toughness by 10 each and tripling their weight/mass, and then get Enhanced Bionic Frame for the Auto-stabilised trait. Ogryns start with the Auto-stabilized trait. I can buy them being able to easily heft around Autocannons, Heavy Stubbers and similar weapons by themselves.

A normal human, regardless of how big their biceps are, should be unable to perfectly match that degree of physical power.

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