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Nidhögg's Talisman tournament

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Game number 7:


Characters: Tavern Maid, Spy, Cat Burgler, Doom Sayer, Vampyre Hunter


First game with the City. Interesting. Interesting characters as well. The Tavern Maid "stole" sCitybome gold from us at the beginnning. I played the Spy and was broke…

The Cat Burglar tried to burglar from some shops, but she only got a Stilleto and a Psychic Crystal at the beginning.Then she was trownd in jail…

I played the Spy and I saw the Gremling enter the regular Adventure deck early with the Bazaaar event. That made me go some rounds around the City.

We recognised the City really dragged out of time with little enemies to kill just trying the best to gain gold and to shop.

The Doomsayer got hold of a Flail and tried to kick the Tavern Maid's ass, but was kicked instead, thus the Maid gained the flail.

Then the Maid died suddenly in the Highlands and was replaced with the Vampire Hunter.

When the Doomsayer finnaly exited the city and draw the Gremlin, thus I felt safe to go out from town.

To late it seamed as the Cat Burglar was "powerlevling" at the Temple and gained some serious stats.

The Cat was going for the win not so long after tghat, so she draw the new Thief's Guild ending and stole everything from us, down to our last lives…


Winner:Cat Burglar

Losers: Spy, Tavern Maid, Vampire Hunter, Doom Sayer


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Game number 8:


Characters: Merchant vs Vampiress


Another game where we only where two players. No biggie, but it's always funnier with some more competition :)

I was the Merchant and started out into the City with a plan to buy the Flail with my 5 starting gold. No problemo, got it after a couple off rounds.

The Vampiress didn't have the same luck. She was struggling down by the spaces beside the Graveyard, being beaten by Hydras and whatnot.

The Merchant set out towards the Dungeon after he aquired the Flail, killing some enemies and powered up his Strenght and Craft.

After a while had the Vampire lady moved to the other side of the board to seek the luck in the City. Actually she was pretty lucky at first, sold some items at the Alchemist and did some dirty work (yeah for real, she drew the Dung sweeper), to earn the gold she needed to also buy a Flail. Then the luck turned once again, and the turn after she bought the Flail she lost it to some shady city person…

The Merchant got tired of the Dungeon after a while so he returned to the City and started to hunt down the Vampiress. The reason was that he had aquired the Holy Avenger follower in that dark, damp place. So he kicked her undead butt and got another stat boost. Now the Merchant was quite powerful so after hunting down some enemies on the main board he thought it was time to go down into the Dungeon once again, this time to defeat the Dark Lord who dwells there.

At this time the Vampiress had gotten hold of another Flail and was also going for the Dungeon. Sadly after some bad card draws she died there, and we decided to end the game there as the Merchant was about to win. And yes, just to see if he was able to kill the Lord of Darkness and beat him with 8+ to go to the Crown we did the fight anyway. And yes, he had 11 in Strenght and with the flail he rolled double sixes, so the Lord of Darkness could'nt even roll a die…


Winner: Merchant

Loser: Vampiress 

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