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A couple questions.

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 This will be my first Arkham Nights, and I was just wondering a couple things.

1) When you pay to register, how does that all get processed and said and done? What I mean to say is, I paid, now I just show up and I'm in the system and they say oh hey, here you go?

2) Is there anything that should be brought? I assume obviously a call of cthulhu deck, if one is into that particular game, but is there anything else?

3) What should one be prepared for when going? Besides a mind shattering experience and a dragging sensation to the edge of sanity.

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 Hmm previous post got lost in time and space, so here is my short version:

1. Yes. You just show up at the Event Center, say your name and get signed in.
2. Bring a silver Sharpie pen. Its the best color for signatures on the dark background of Arkham products. 3rd time going for me and I always forget one.
3. You'll have a lot of time to play a lot of Arkham products and you might want to pre-think of a question or two to ask your favorite designer. Also Richard is pretty open to talk to as well as play a game.

Just as a personal touch, I'm bringing these 6 Elder Sign discs that I got made to mark when gates are sealed. I'm also bringing a couple of red and blue d8's for heath trackers for Arkham Horror and Elder Sign. I think the Arkham Horror app for the iPod is not a bad thing either if you have it.

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