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Wormhole questions.

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This weekend we played a game with wormholes and the wormhole nexus. One player got to play the Creuss and conquered the wormhole nexus, there he built a space dock and two PDS, he also had some ground forces.

Now I have two questions.

1.: Is it possible for another player to invade the wormhole nexus as long as it is controlled by the Creuss? It says, that no other player can use a wormhole that leads to a system the Creuss are cotrolling, so they cannot loose the planet in the nexus unless a player uses the local unrest card, am I right?


2.: If a player controls a system which contains a planet and a wormhole, has researched the deep space cannon and built PDS on that planet, is it possible for him to fire through the wormhole into another system with a wormhole? The rules say that two systems with wormholes have to be treated as if they were connected, so a PDS with deep space cannon has to be able to fire through the wormhole.


Thanks in advance for the answers.


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1) Creuss and Nexus

In order to control a system, a player has to control all planets in the system, as well as the "Space" of the system.

So the Creuss Player in the Nexus would need at least a Destroyer or whatever in there for it to be non-invadable for other players.

At the same time, there's hardly reason for Creuss to have PDS built in the Nexus. Except for the rare case they do need to abandon the system's space for a while.

Yes, the Nexus is hard, if not impossible, to take back from Creuss, but the planet there only has 0/3 ressources. This would limit a Space Dock's built-capacity there to 2. (3 with Enviro Compensator. At the most 4 with a facility on top).

Not much, but for Creuss, worth the effort.

(Also, a group should decide if they want to use the Nexus before drawing races. Just to not treat Creuss unfairly afterwards.)

"Local Unrest" is a possible way to disrupt their wormhole supremacy and take hold of the Nexus.


2) Wormholes and PDS

Wormhole Systems are only considered adjacent to each other for purposes of movement only. (including Transfer Actions)

PDS can not fire through wormholes. Twilight Empire-tageting computation is not advanced enough for a such a feat ;)

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Thank you for the specification about the PDS fire, it was bugging me all the time, because it would make the PDS of the Creuss much too powerfull (since you can treat A and B wormholes as the same).


About the Wormhole Nexus, I think that the possibility of a race to be almost impossible to wipe out is a problem, I mean, the Local Unrest only kills one ground force and you would have a good combination of action cards to destroy many of them (the player sometimes had four or more ground forces on that planet).

But it's the same with the Saar, since they can activate asteroid fields with their racial technology they have the possibility to move a space dock in there, don't they? That makes it hard to destroy them.


But thanks again, really helped me out with the PDS problem.

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I don't see much a problem here.

In TI it is seldom, if at all, necessary to wipe out a player completely. That's not what the game is about, and you have seldom time to focus resources on that.

Often it's more than enough to reduce someone to "bugging me but no threat-status" - since you have other goals.

Also: You might not want to kick out someone completely for no reason who took his day of to play and then just is left with nothing else to do for 5 hours.


Doesn't mean you're not allowed to do it, just that it's in most cases just not necessary.

Killing a good Arborec player is equally difficult, so… just disembowel them.

Or that unnerving last Naalu cruiser fleeing and dodging everywhere…

There's still strategy cards they bring into play ;)

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I don't think it's really a problem, I think that players who are hard to wipe out are going to take larger risks. But maybe it's just the group I play with because in the last game we played (4 player game), one played the Creuss and he got the Nexus, we had not a single war in about 4 hours, we always managed to talk about things and find a solution (it was a very political game) but then he began to build a giant fleet and his neighbour did the same, it was like the cold war. We (the other two players which didn't participate in this arms race) said that the player who attacks first will be attacked by us, and the one with the wormhole nexus was the first to shoot, even though their fleets were about the same size.

He didn't even agree to an armistice, even though he lost like 3 systems in the first round after his attack and his homesystem was threatened.

I think it was because he knew that we were unable to attack the nexus and if he had played a different race he would have agreed to the armistice, even though I think it was great that at last someone started the big war (there would have been no end in sight without that attack).

So before I end my post without making clear what I wanted to say (happens often since English isn't my first language): I think races with an almost perfect hideout are more likely to take big risks.


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