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Help with Axis army

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 So I'm tired of losing with my Axis army.  I'm not going to spend a bunch of time justifying my experience - but this is really frustrating.  I currently don't have any multiples of units - but I do have 1 of all the axis.  It was one helluva ebay deal. :)


Here's what I ran today…


Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 300 / 300 )
--- Heroes
Sigrid Von Thaler (20)
--- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (188) Upgrade: Lightning War (10)
Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25)

1st Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)

2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
3rd Section: Heavy Laser Grenadiers (35)

Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" (40)
Support: LPW I-C "Hans" (25)
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)
--- Blutkreuz Platoon (92)
Command Section: Manfred (15, Hero)

1st Section: Axis Zombies (19)
2nd Section: Laser Grenadiers (21)

3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)

Support: LPW I-A "Heinrich" (20)


My primary mistake was that I deployed the Hans too late - Round 4.  Should have dropped him in around the 2nd or 3rd round to draw fire.  Unfortunately for me my opponent just sat there - albeit his list was all jumpy bastards, a Pounder, and Steel Rain.

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 How did you run the rest of your army? What took out what? I know that if you don't neutralize certain units asap then you might as well kiss your models goodbye. For example his hammers if he had them should have been baited out into the open and then gunned down with everything you had available. 

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