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Against the Savages: How Many Wartrakks?

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I'm not sure how FFG managed to miss this, but in the final battle of Against the Savages (the sample adventure in the Only War Beta rulebook), the list of enemy forces doesn't list any Wartrakks despite an unspecified number of them being talked about in the subsequent paragraphs, with the adventure specifing that the 'trakks will attempt to blow through the walls of the compound the PCs are defending (with Rokkitt Launchas, presumably, though it doesn't point out anywhere that GMs should probably make sure they've armed the 'trakks with this weapon), and that the Orks' Big Mek is riding on one of the 'trakks (wait, riding? Where? Is he driving? Shooting? Just cramming himself in there in alongside the driver and gunner?)…

Yeah… I think this stuff needs clarification. And while I'm complaining it would also help if the adventure listed how much damage (or, at least, how many penetrating hits) are required on the compound walls before they fall…

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