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just wondering if I posted some charecter build types up here and see if I have them right and what you people think of them.  And if anybody likes them feel free to use the as npcs or pcs.

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 I would be happy, if it would be more than a build. Some background to the characters would be nice, because a (N)PC is much more as the sum of his characteristics, skills etc. ;-)

So long,

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in the meantime, i'll post one of my character builds that i have done a while back.

Name: Veloce Visrin
Age: 25
Country: Gabriel
Race: Aion (Human)
Social Status: To be Determined
Height, Weight: 5'6", 120 Lbs
Hair, Eyes: Long White, Emerald Green
Appearance: 7
Exp: 0
Level: 1
Class: Acrobatic Warrior

Str: 6 Dex: 10 Agi: 10 Con: 5
Int: 5 Pow: 4 WP: 5 Per: 8
= 55 Total

Artifact 1 (Scorpio +10) [Alraune]
Ambidextrous -1
Martial Mastery -1
See Supernatural -1
Aptitude in a Subject: Acrobatics -1
Increased Natural Bonus -2
= 7 CP worth of Advantages

Feeble +1
Vulnerable to Pain +1
Addiction(Vanity) +1
Powerful Enemy +1 (Crimelord)
= 4 CP worth of Disadvantages
= 0 CP left (3 CP Free + 4 CP Disadvantages - 7 CP Advantages)

Total DP to spend: 600 DP

Primary Abilities:
Combat Abilities: (Limit: 60% = 360 DP)
- Attack: 90 = 180 DP
- Dodge: 60 = 120 DP
- Weapon and Style Modules: Whip (Free), Different Type: Longsword (20 DP), Different Type: Dagger (20 DP)
= 340 DP spend in Combat Abilities

Secondary Abilities:
- Acrobatics: 140 = 140 DP
- Athleticism: 10 = 20 DP
- Climb: 10 = 20 DP
- Jump: 5 = 10 DP
- Notice: 20 = 40 DP
- Search: 5 = 10 DP
- Style: 5 = 10 DP
- Sleight of Hand: 5 = 10 DP
= 260 DP spend in Secondary Abilities
= 600 DP spend in total

Total MK to Spend: 65 MK (25 MK*lvl + 40 MK (Martial Knowledge) )
Ki Abilities:
40 MK Use of Ki
10 MK Presence Extrusion
10 MK Aura Extension
= 60 MK spend in Ki Abilities

Natural Bonuses:
1 AGI Climb
1 DEX Sleight of Hand
1 PER Notice
1 PER Search

Natural Abilities:
+10 Acrobatics
+10 Athleticism
+10 Notice
+10 Search
+10 Sleight of Hand


[Final Values]
LP: 80
Regeneration: 1
MV: 10(115 ft)
Fatigue Points: 5
Presence: 30
PhR: 30 | DiR: 30 | VR: 30 | MR: 25 | PsR: 30
Ki Pool: 40

Attack: 110 (95 w/o Char Mod)
Dodge: 80 (65 w/o Char Mod)
Initiative: 80 (weapon speed not included)

Secondary Abilities
Acrobatics: 175 (160 w/o Char mod)
Athleticism: 45 (30 w/o Char mod)
Climb: 40 (25 w/o Char mod)
Jump: 20 (15 w/o Char mod)
Notice: 50 (40 w/o Char mod)
Search: 35 (25 w/o Char mod)
Style: 10 (15 w/o Char mod)
Sleight of Hand: 55 (40 w/o Char mod)

Detailed list following later

Veloce was born in a Middle Class Family. To her unfortunate fate, she lost both her parents at the age of 2, they died in a pirate raid while they were aboard a tradesman's ship. She then grew up in an orphanage for a couple years. During those years, she first heard of the circus when she was 9 and snuck out to go see what it was about. When she saw all of the animals and Acrobats, she was astounded and dreamed of a day she could do the same. Ever since, when she was allowed free time, she would go outside and practice somersaults and juggling. She found juggling to be of the less interesting side and decided to stop practicing it over her preference of getting better with her acrobatics.

The circus came back 3 years later. Once more she snuck out to go see them. Veloce knew then and there that this was to be her passion. She kept training, this time doing stunts from higher, thus needing her to climb places or jump over obstacles. At the age of 13, she thought that if she were to show her passion to other people, she would have to be presentable. Since then she would bathe everyday and do her hair and dress well. At first she wasn't very fond of the toll of Vanity, all the lost time and even sometimes taking some of the caretakers' makeup or perfume. At the age of 14 she got accustomed to her vanity's toll, even more so, she was loving it and she thought she couldn't go a day without it. This time Veloce thought differently. By the age of 15, the circus came back again. She snuck out again, finding a new way to sneak out using all of her acrobatic skills, because the last 2 times the caretakers weren't expecting it. This time around, they knew she would try to go off to the circus without permission, but they knew not of her secret practicing of said talent.

When Veloce got to the circus, she asked around for the person in charge. Since the boss was busy and she wanted to join the circus, she was shown to the recruiter. After showing this person what she could do, the recruiter said she had potential but she was too young to leave her parents. She let him know that she had no parents and that she was from the orphanage. The recruiter frowned at the predicament and told her to come back later in the evening so he could have a talk with his boss. She did as he told and she came back after the show. The Owner looked at her keenly and examined with a practiced eye her shapes, sizes and overall physique. He was pleased to see Veloce took care of herself and he wanted to see what she was capable of. After demonstrating the same routine she did for the recruiter, they proceeded to ask her questions about how she practiced and trained by herself. Pleased as he was, he decided to take her in from the orphanage as an adopting father.

She continued training, but this time with other acrobats. After a few months time, she was part of the act, introduced as the youngest star of the show. During practice once, she saw one of the staff practicing his whip wielding for his trial against the lion taming event. Veloce always wanted to go face to face with one such graceful beast and asked her father if he would allow it. He reluctantly agreed to it, but she had to train extra hard as it was not an easy task. With determination at the forefront, she eagerly practiced hard and often until she got the necessary skill to use the whip. When she got to the part with the lion though, she found out she wasn't good at animal handling and soon abandoned the idea of lion taming. Maybe she could find something else to do with her new found skill at wielding a whip? Over the course of 3 years she added to her repertoire the act of dagger throwing among her other skills and trained regularly with her whip until she could think of a way to use it in an act.

Back in Gabriel after 3 years, it felt nostalgic to see her hometown again. The usual process of setting up the circus went by smoothly as usual. Later in the evening after the show, Veloce wasn't happy with her demonstration so she was out practicing for a goodly portion of the night. After a while, she noticed how late it was and that the whole crew must be sleeping. That's when she heard a yelp for help with a following thud. She hurried to see what the commotion was, expecting the worse. As she neared the source of the disturbance, it was apparent that something happened to her father, for the noise came from his tent. As she got in, she saw her father lying on the ground, sprawled about like a rag doll. Was that blood she saw? She then saw something move out the rear of the tent. She yelled for help before dashing off after the culprit. She wondered what she was doing, chasing this dangerous person. Was it for her father? Was it the adrenaline? Was it a chance to prove herself? Know herself? She pushed those thoughts aside as she needed to concentrate on the task at hand.

Chasing after him, she wondered what she would do when she caught up. She kept her senses aware of her surrounding and counted the resources at her disposal. 3 Daggers and her whip. She told herself the whip wouldn't stop the man so she resorted to using the daggers. After chasing him through a portion of the town yelling at him to stop and give up, waking some inhabitants in the process, she had no more choice. She threw 2 daggers at the culprit, intending to knock him out. She missed the 1st throw by a foot. When the second came near, the man dodged around a corner, expecting it. Veloce cursed and followed him in the alley. She didn't want to waste the last dagger yet, so she took out the whip. As she took it out, it caught on a branch. It gave her an idea. She had a general idea of where the man was going, so she tried a shortcut to try and catch up to the time she lost. To her luck, she found the man a few feet ahead of her after she turned the final corner. Here she tried her idea, whipping at the man, intending to trap one of his legs by coiling the whip around it. To her surprise it actually worked and the suspect fell face first to the ground, knocking the air out of his lungs. She knocked the person on the side of the head near the temple with the hilt of her last dagger, knocking the man out.

When the authorities arrived with the Recruiter, they took care of the rest. The recruiter told Veloce that her father was fine and she could go rest. Next thing she knew, it was noon the following day. She hated sleeping in because it gave her less time to pamper herself which she disliked very much, she felt as though people would think poorly of her because of it. So today she did the bare minimum before going to practice. As she left her room, her father called out to her and relief washed over her when she saw the injury was but a minor one. He thanked Veloce for the hard work she did the evening past. He then gave her a small pouch and told her to take the day off and visit the shopping district, she earned it. Veloce was bewildered when she found more coin in the one pouch than what she earned after a year of work. She gazed at her father with a big eyes and unbelieving eyes. She hugged him hard and thanked him so much and promised to make herself beautiful with what she could find at the shops.

When she was heading for the stores, she got approached by a person saying that he was impressed by the way she handled to robber from the previous night. He offered her a job in hunting down some people or certain objects of value that were rightfully his bosses. Veloce was deep in thought, thinking that it could be good practice if ever something like that happened again. Although she liked the prospect of training her abilities, she couldn't just leave the circus and her father. The man said he was okay with the fact that she was traveling, and actually preferred the idea that she did, saying that there were some of his employees working around the continent. She accepted the offer and he said that they will contact her when necessary. She continued on her way to the Shopping Arcade when the man told her she might want to learn the sword, because the job could be dangerous at times and that her 1st assignment will be with her tutor on how things work.

She returned from shopping with a new dress, earrings, perfume, makeup and a longsword(which she didnt show her father). Once more on the move with the circus, Veloce got contacted for her 1st assignment. She went to the designated area and waited for her tutor. She hadn't had time to practice the sword so she left it back in her room. The man appeared before her and off they went to the assignment. Kromer was a few years older than she and built strong but not bulky. He had a reassuring demeanor while having a strong commanding voice. Veloce did as she was told for the capture of a man who had been running from his debts for months. Kromer had anticipated many of the mans tricks and so Veloce was impressed.

These assignments were on and off as she traveled with the circus, Kromer followed behind or ahead of them by half a day on normal standards. Over the course of several weeks, she learned the sword with the help of Kromer, who also taught her how to bring out her inner energy. She seemed to have a knack for understanding these things. Kromer was fond of this student of his. He barely has such promising recruits. On more than a couple occasions she had need of her sword because a lot of the indebted didn't want to be caught so fought back. So came the day where she was sent on an assignment with someone other than Kromer. The plan was simple, to corner the man and retrieve a certain weapon in his possession that would pay his debts. Veloce was to find the blade while her partner was to find the man.

After retrieving the blade, Veloce understood why her boss wanted it, for it was of an intrinsic design with which it had a graceful look about it while the edge was sharper than anything she knew. What else, there was a small mechanism that made the blade seem to fall into pieces, but each shard remained attached by a strong cable. She replaced the blade in it's sheathe and wrapped it in cloth so no curious gazes would wander upon it. After which she had done so she went to look for her partner. When she came across him by following the sound of crying kids, he had the entire family cornered. The kids were cradled in a corner with the wife and the man stayed between her partner and them. At a 2nd glance, Veloce saw that the floor was seeped in blood which was pouring from a gash in the woman's chest.

Her partner rose his blade to strike down the man but Veloce reacted quicker without even thinking and bound her partner with her whip. She couldn't let him kill the man, she couldn't let the kids live on without parents, for she knew what it was like and no one deserves such a fate. Her partner fought back and turned on her. He got loose from the whip and came towards her intending to strike her down for betrayal. Her instincts of self-preservation took over and she barely dodged out of the way. She barely had time to move out of the way a 2nd time when her opponent's blade came down again. Although this time she was situated much better and she unleashed her whip again to bind him. He caught the whip as it lashed out and yanked it out of her hands. So she drew her longsword and a dagger in anticipation of his followup attack. As he lunged at her, Veloce rolled out of the way and she slashed at him from the side which he parried seemingly easy. At that moment she saw an opening and threw her dagger right into his ribcage. The man toppled over within a few moments.

She regained her whip and told the family to leave as soon as they could while telling them that she will try to release the debt with the blade alone. The following day, Veloce met up with Kromer and she told him of what happened. He slapped her hard in the face. She recoiled from the blow as he treated her a fool. Normally he would of had to punish her by killing her for such a betrayal but he had grown too fond of her for that, so he told her to leave as soon as she could to give her a chance at living. She listened to him and went back to the circus and gathered her things as quickly as she could. She saw the Blade from the edge of her eyes. She might as well take it with her she thought. Before leaving, she left a note on her father's work desk so as not to disturb his sleep. The note read "Sorry for the trouble i may cause you". And she left in the night.

[Alraune History]
Alraune has a short history but present none the less. Alraune was originally forged just under 100 years ago for the purpose of torture. When the product was finished, the maker thought it too beautiful for such an atrocity. So a second one was made but less beautiful but just as effective. The Original was then sold to the lord in charge of the region. The owner then named the whip-sword Alraune for the graceful look and deadly edge. Alraune is a rare plant of the most beautiful colors and sharpest thorns. It is said to grow from the blood of criminals that seep into the ground when they are executed. Alraune was used as a dueling weapon for public shows or more private fights having to do with politics. When the man's oldest son was of age, he gave Alraune as a gift for his coming of age. Years later when the prince had died of old age and the young man stepped up in his place, he sold the blade to the black market for it was worth more coin than prestige to him. Since then the blade has been lost, traded between dealers and crimelords for it's value was highly sought and made a beautiful trophy on display.
(i'd Suggest that Alraune should be recognized with a History check of 140 or around)

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Three notes about the character (which is built I see with Core Exxet method, granting actually more secondary abilities…I don't use it, but it seems very fine anyway):


1) Veloce Visrin doesn't sound very Gabrielense (Gabrielenses have French-like names).

2) You can only take 3 disadvantages, meaning that in order to have 7CP worth of advantages you must take at least 1 disadvantage worth 2CPs.

3) I believe Alraune is the name of Lilith's (from the 7th Heaven Knights) Scorpio Sword…now having ALL Scorpio Swords in anima named Alraune seems a bit odd to me. Also, for 1CP I would allow my characters to have a Level 2 Artifact whose container is +5. I calculated Level 2 Artifacts should stay in a range between 330 and 560 PPs (Level1PPs or an equivalent in higher level PPs, but no PPs with higher level than 3). I would say a +10Scorpio (1CP Artifact) should be about 440PPs, which is in the range, but I'd probably allow some other minor perk (about 120Lev1PPs, hence no more than 60Lev2PPs or 30Lev3PPs) on the weapon.

Overall the character seems very nice to me, anyway.

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thanks for the feedback Elric

1) I know that it's not french like, but she was aboard a trade ship in the area of Gabrielle when it was raided, she didn't hale from there when she was born.

2) The GM at the time permit us to take an additional Disadvantage if it was a Background Disadvantage

3) The GM and i had no idea about the name being already in possession of an important NPC. Also, this character was created before PE came out.

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No problem, besides Prometheum doesn't give REAL guidelines about "how many PPs an artifact of a certain level should have". I calculated it by employing the list (and PP breakdown) of all Artifacts in Prometheum and applying Fourier's Derivate (a math tool used in cristallography through light diffraction) to them. Notably, at the end of the process (which is pretty long) most Artifacts in Prometheum WERE NOT ANYMORE within the Level the creators had assigned them, but since this method allowed me to use a roughly reasonable system for artifacts. Far from perfect and not necessarily absolutely correct.


As for the name, my bad for not having the time to go through all background.

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Thanks for the responses on the previous character, here's another one i did a few months ago



Name - Miyako Inami
Gender - Female
Class - Technician
Level - 1 (0/100)
Life Points - 155 (0/20 DP)
Size - 15 5'9", 145 lbs

Appearance 7
Miyako has piercing blue eyes to the point that they seem to bore through you when looking straight into them. Her black hair is as long as a horses mane, and It's softness comparable to that of fur from a newborn fox. Slightly taller than the average person from Shivat, proudly showing her stature. Miyako wears all kinds of clothes, elegant, practical and comfortable, yet her favorite piece is the hoodie given to her by someone precious.


Miyako Inami is the eldest of 3 siblings. Her brother and sister, Kamui and Shizuno, are about 10 years younger than Miyako. Having been born in this family, she was entitled to be the heir to the Dojo. Her father was a strict man, obligating her to learn the arts of the house, telling her it was her duty to watch over her younger siblings. Miyako didn't mind this, she loved both her brother and sister. Under the tutelage of her father, she underwent intense physical training to be able to endure the physical fatigue that can come from prolonged fighting. This was the way of the Inami, "fall to combat before falling to fatigue".

Even after all the training, she felt ad though her passion was still to be found. She was fond of art and crafts, but when she saw what song could achieve and how it could change people, she knew she found that which she was looking for. Thankful to her martial discipline, she had the focus and tenacity to pursuit singing on her free time. Sometimes she would sing to her mother or her siblings, other times she would sing by herself while looking at the moon. She explored many types of songs and singing methods.

There came a day when Miyako's father deemed her ready to learn the way of Savage Instincts. Over the following year, she learned how to control her inner energy. She noted at how slow the control was and told her father, who then told her she could muster physical fatigue to push the flow of energy within. After the hard year, she knew how to control and exteriorize her self and her energy. At this point, she was taught the second art of the family, Velez, which would show her how to strike a presence and not just a physical body.

Come her 18th birthday, she recieved a grey hoodie from her siblings. She would cherish it more than she expects unbeknownst to her. At this point, both her martial, physical and vocal training had come to a point where she knew and felt she was better than the some of the more advanced people in those domains. But it still wasn't enough, Miyako yearned to become better.

Later that year, she noticed that her brother was slightly changing. Miyako thought it normal for a growing boy and dismissed the strange feeling. Lately he also took more interest contemplating the gamily heirloom, an old samurai armor from her great great grandfather. More days passed by and Miyako's brother seemed more and more sombre. She wanted to help him but thought that he just needed space.

One windy night, she woke up after hearing a loud rattling sound. She looked around the house for the source, noticed the front door was open and dashed out. She saw her brother wearing the heirloom, alongside a stranger of unknown origin. Miyako yelled out to her brother and both he and the stranger turned to look at her. She saw the look of surprise, sadness and regret on Kamui's face before the stranger lifted a hand towards her. Kamui saw this and grabbed the arm and shook his head. The gaijin seemed to sigh and looked back at Miyako. Miyako felt very tired all of a sudden, she couldn't keep her eyes open fr some strange reason. Then she slumped on the ground where she was.

Morning came, she was covered in Kamui's favorite coat, with a note in one of the pockets. Then it hit her, memories of the previous night came flooding back. Tears streaked her face as she ran inside to wake everyone up and tell them what ha happened. Despite all that happened, Miyako eas determined to retrieve her brother, no matter the cost. She packed her things against her father's will and left that same day, following the tracks of her dear sibling.


STR 5 +0
AGI 8 +10
DEX 7 +5
CON 11 +20
INT 5 +0
POW 9 +10
WP 6 +5
PER 4 -5


Add one point to Constitution - 1 CP
Untiring - 3 CP
Ki Recovery - 1 CP
Martial Mastery - 1 CP


Nearsighted - 1 CP
Bad Luck - 1 CP
Feeble - 1 CP


Base Presence 30
PhR 50
MR 40
PsR 35
VR 50
DR 50

Wear Armor - 0 (0 DP)
Movement - 90 ft / 90 ft with armor
Fatigue - 20
Regeneration - 4(3 without inhumanity) (30 hp/day resting)
AT (Base/Armor)

Cut (0/0)
Impact (0/0)
Thrust (0/0)
Heat (0/0)
Elec (0/0)
Cold (0/0)
Energy (0/0)

0 GC
00 SC
00 CC
Add lists as you see fit

Unarmed Initiative 60
Martial Arts 60

Base Attack 80(150 DP)
Martial Arts 85

Damage (with Aura Extension)
Martial Arts 50(Tangible Ene)

Base Block 5 (0 DP)
Martial Arts 5

Base Dodge 70 (120 DP)
Martial Arts 90

Tai Chi Expert (25 DP)
Velez Base(50 DP)

Ki Ability
Ki Points
STR - 10 Ki (5 DP)
DEX - 10 Ki (3 DP)
AGI - 10 Ki (2 DP)
CON - 12 Ki (0 DP)
POW - 10 Ki (1 DP)
WP - 10 Ki (4 DP)

Ki Accumulation
STR - 1 Accum (0 DP)
DEX - 1 Accum (0 DP)
AGI - 1 Accum (0 DP)
CON - 2 Accum (0 DP)
POW - 1 Accum (0 DP)
WP - 1 Accum (0 DP)

Martial Knowledge - 140 Spent/140 Total
Ki Abilities
Use of Ki, 40 MK
Ki Control, 30 MK
Presence Extrusion, 10 MK
Aura Extension, 10 MK
Use of Necessary Energy, 10 MK

Dominion Techniques

Savage Instincts

Predator's Blitz, Level 1, 40 MK
+2 Additional Attacks
Added Fatigue Bonus
Damage Augmentation +40
Elemental Bind: Water, Fire
5 Agi, 5 Dex, 5 Pow, 5 Str, 6 Con

Secondary Abilities
Acrobatics 40 (20 DP, 10 Natural, 10 Characteristic, 10 Cultural)
Athleticism 40 (20 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Innate, 10 Cultural)
Climb 25 (10 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Cultural)
Ride -20 (0 DP, 10 Characteristic)
Jump -30 (0 DP)
Swim 25 (10 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Cultural)

Intimidate -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)
Leadership -20 (0 DP, 10 Characteristic)
Persuasion -30 (0 DP)
Style 25 (10 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Cultural)
Trading -30 (0 DP)
Streetwise -30 (0 DP)
Etiquettte -30 (0 DP)

Search 5 (20 DP, -5 Characteristic)(-45 if using vision)
Track -35 (0 DP, -5 Characteristic)
Notice 30 (50 DP, -5 Characteristic, 10 Cultural)(-20 if using vision)

(all unusable or -30 if not knowledge skill)
Memorize 20 (30 DP, 10 Natural)

Composure 20 (10 DP, 5 Characteristic, 10 Natural)
Feats of Strength -30 (0 DP)
Withstand Pain -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)

Theft -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)
Disguise -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)
Hide -35 (0 DP, -5 Characteristic)
Stealth -20 (0 DP, 10 Characteristic)
Trap Lore -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)
Lock Picking -25 (0 DP, 5 Characteristic)
Poisons Unusable (0 DP)

Art -20 (0 DP, 10 Characteristic)
Dance 25 (10 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Natural)
Music(singing specialization) 80 (40 DP, 10 Characteristic, 10 Innate)
Sleight of Hand 20 (10 DP, 5 Characteristic, 10 Natural)
Forging unusable (0 DP)


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Sincerely speaking I don't like this one very much. Starting out with one technique and not enough accumulations to use it isn't that great and I don't like techniques with spread ki cost in general. A Tao with the same build would probably be better (no big technique at level 1, but more hp, and more DP to spend on fighting skills, since tai chi and velez are only 30DP, instead of 75). The great plus of Technicians isn't just the 50 MK per level, but the HUGE discount they have when buying Ki and Ki Accumulations. If I were to build a technician-tao, I'd probably start off with a Technician with a single Martial Art at Base Level. I'd let the technician have little lower Att/Def, but buy savagely ki and accumulations (still, some points to Att/Def must always go) for a few levels. Once the accumulations and ki seem satisfying (I'd reccomend a technique school without HUGE ki costs for this build, like frostkolier or the likes of it), switch to tao (yes, make one level without DPs to secondary abilities) and build-up martial arts to strengthen the character.

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i agree with you that this character isn't top notch, i only did this one because i had an idea that i wanted put to sheet. Considering her 20 Fatigue, i don't think that it's so bad for accumulations, as that's how i envisioned the character to be played. The reason i went with spread ki costs is that i wanted to take full advantage of boosting accumulations and regaining ki in each pool every 10 mins is better than regaining ki in 3 pools every 10 minutes. But alas, i never had a chance to try this character.

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Name: Grimm Mortis
Age: 30
Country: Unknown
Race: Human
Social Status: To be Determined
Height, Weight: 6'6", 200 Lbs.
Hair, Eyes: Jet Black (stringy), Flat Grey
Appearance: 5
Exp: 100
Level: 2
Class: Freelancer

Str: 8 Dex: 9 Agi: 9 Con: 10
Int: 10 Pow: 9 WP: 9 Per: 8
= charecter creation type 1

Been Around 2
The gift 2
Access to One Psychic Discipline 1(Physical Increase)
Martial Mastery 2

Damned 3
Optional rule from the GM tool kit to allow stat points to be used to remove disadvantages, or by other advantages.

Total DP to spend: 700 DP

Primary Abilities:
Combat Abilities: (Limit: 60% = 420 DP)
- Attack: 25 = 50 DP
- Block: 25 = 50 DP
- Dodge: = DP
- Wear Armor: = DP
- KI: 5 con = 10 DP
- Accumulation Multiple 20 2 = 40 DP
Total DP:150

Supernatural Abilities: (Limit: 60% = 420 DP)
- Zeon: 365 = (120 Base, + 20 from level, 225 from 90 DP
- MA Multiple: 60 1 = 60 DP
- Magic Projection: 50 = 100 DP
- Summon: = DP
- Control: = DP
- Bind: = DP
- Banish: = DP
Total DP:

Psychic Abilities: (Limit: 60% = 420 DP)
- Psychic Points: 20(2+ (1= 20 DP)) =3
- Psychic Projection: 25 = 50 DP
Total DP:

Secondary Abilities:
- Athletic: 2
- Social: 2
- Perception: 2
- Intellectual: 2
- Vigor: 2
- Subterfuge: 2
- Creative: 2
Total DP: 100

Total MK to Spend: 120MK (20 MK*level + 80 MK (Martial Knowledge))
Ki Abilities:
40 MK Use of Ki
10 MK Presence Extrusions
10 MK KI Transmissions
10 MK Healing
10 MK Superior Healing
10 MK Use of Necessary Energy
20 MK Characteristic Augmentations
= 110 MK spend in Ki Abilities

Natural Bonuses:
+ 10 Zeon per level

Natural Abilities:
+10 to five different abilities per level

Special Bonuses:
Mental Patter (Introvert)
30 DP
1 innate psychic slot

[Final Values]
LP: 145 ( 135 Base, + 10 from Class)
Regeneration: 3, KI 6, Psychic up to 18
MV: 9, KI 12, Psychic up to 16 (105, 160, 1500 ft)
Fatigue Points: 10
Presence: 35
PhR: 50 | DiR: 50 | VR: 50 | MR: 55 | PsR: 45
Ki Pool: str: 8, dex: 9, Agl: 9, Con: 15, int: 10, pwr: 9, wlpwr: 9

Attack: 35 (25 w/o Char Mod)
Block: 35 (25 w/o Char Mod)
Initiative: 70, KI 80, Psychic up to 280

Secondary Abilities
Notice: 50 (40 w/o Char mod)
Magical Appraisal: 50 (40 w/o Char mod)
Occult: 50 (40 w/o Char mod)
Withstand Pain: 50 (40 w/o Char mod)
Sleight of Hand: 40 (30 w/o Char mod)

Detailed list following later

Background is currently up 12 pages, on Microsoft word, if you want read it send me a message.

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to vaxx01: It seems to me that this character at Level 2 has very low projections and att/def values. I can't see how he's going to survive fights, despite I understand it can reach very high initiative values. Personally I think that "focused" characters work better than "spread" ones. Besides, Freelancers' best feature is their bonus to secondary abilities, so Freelancers usually act in a party as "secondary ability bearers", much like rogues, altough the 60% limit on primaries can still make them little more effective in combat.


to Raybras: although spread ki cost allows the character to get the best out of accumulations and ki points, leaves you with little to none "free generic ki". Considering the build of your character (which is based essentially on fatigue), I'd reccomend leaving generic ki for the use of Recovery Ki Ability.

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 to vaxx01: I must agree with Elric. Also: There is noch "Damned 3" disadvantages … there ist generall no disadvantages for 3  points. The reason is, that a disadvantages with x points is "worse" than a advantages with x points "good".

Example: The advantage "been around" for gives 50 XP per point. The disadvantages "rookie" make you "loose" 100 XP for 1 point. So, the disadvantages has a bigger effect than the advantages for the same points.

If you read what "damned 2" means, I don't want to think about it, what the same disadvantages with 3 points will do. Perhaps, losing half of your life points everytime you use a supernatural ability.

So long,

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F3nr1s said:

If you read what "damned 2" means, I don't want to think about it, what the same disadvantages with 3 points will do. Perhaps, losing half of your life points everytime you use a supernatural ability.

Well yeah - if Damned 2 has stuff like "a character who will immediately die the day he unnecessarily takes a life", Damned 3 would be something like "a character who will die if the player doesn't bring pizza, or if the pizza he brings doesn't have a topping the GM approves of."

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 I totally agree with you elric. There is still an unused ki pool for just that reason, later levels will have other slight options to help this. Now here is a final character i shall post. 


Player: Raybras
Name: Meryl Keriam
Age: 21
Country: Togarini
Race: Aion (Human)
Social Status: Middle Class
Size: 8
Height, Weight: 5'4", 106 Lbs
Hair, Eyes: Long black, Bright Blue
Appearance: 7
Exp: 0
Level: 1
Class: Assassin
Languages: Latin


Str: 4 Dex: 9 Agi: 9 Con: 5
Int: 5 Pow: 4 WP: 5 Per: 9
= 50 Total

Aptitude in a field: Subterfuge (2)
Natural Learner, Field Subterfuge (3)
Martial Mastery (1)
Imperceptible Ki (1)
= 7 CP worth of Advantages

Vulnerable to poison (1)
Slow Reactions (2)
Slow Healing (1)
= 4 CP worth of Disadvantages
= 0 CP left (3 CP Free + 4 CP Disadvantages - 7 CP Advantages)

Total DP to spend: 600 DP

Primary Abilities:
Combat Abilities: (Limit: 50% = 300 DP)
- Attack: 85 = 170 DP
- Dodge: 50 = 100 DP
- Weapon and Style Modules: Crossbow (Free), Different Type: Dagger (20 DP)
= 290 DP spend in Combat Abilities

Secondary Abilities:
- Athleticism: 5 = 10 DP
- Ride: 5 = 10 DP
- Climb: 5 = 10 DP
- Notice: 50 = 50 DP
- Search: 20 = 20 DP
- Track: 10 = 10 DP
- Composure: 10 = 20 DP
- Hide: 20 = 20 DP
- Lock Picking: 10 = 10 DP
- Disguise: 10 = 10 DP
- Stealth: 40 = 40 DP
- Trap Lore: 10 = 10 DP
- Poisons: 10 = 10 DP
- Persuasion: 5 = 10 DP
- Sleight of Hand: 5 = 10 DP
- Memorize: 30 = 60 DP
= 310 DP spend in Secondary Abilities
= 600 DP spend in total

Total MK to Spend: 60 MK (20 MK*lvl + 40 MK (Martial Mastery) )
Ki Abilities:
40 MK Use of Ki
10 MK Use of Necessary Energy
10 MK Ki Concealment
= 60 MK spend in Ki Abilities

Natural Boni:
1 AGI Stealth
1 PER Hide

Natural Abilities:
+10 Composure
+10 Lock Picking
+10 Disguise
+10 Poisons
+10 Memorize


[Final Values]
LP: 75
Regeneration: 1
MV: 9(105 ft)
Fatigue Points: 5
Presence: 30
PhR: 30 | DiR: 30 | VR: 15 | MR: 25 | PsR: 30 (65 vs Mystical Detection)
Ki Pool: 36
Ki Concealment: 70

Attack: 100 (25 Damage Dagger, 50 Damage Crossbow Bolt)
Dodge: 60 
Initiative: 10 (unarmed or Dagger), -10 (crossbow)

Secondary Abilities
- Athleticism: 25
- Ride: 25
- Climb: 25
- Notice: 80
- Search: 40
- Track: 20
- Composure: 40
- Hide: 80(considering +20 from size 9 and under)
- Lock Picking: 40
- Disguise: 40
- Stealth: 80
- Trap Lore: 40
- Poisons: 40
- Persuasion: 15
- Sleight of hand: 25
- Memorize: 40

Stealth clothes, 2x Casual clothes, Formal clothes, leather gloves, Disguise Kit(makeup, dye and other nick knacks), 1 week mediocre rations, 1 dose Atropine, quiver of 20 crossbow bolts, Small trap(trapping), 2 lock picks, Mysterious Assassin's Emblem, backpack, good perfume, 2x chalk, Crossbow, Dagger.
4GC 27SC 14CC

Meryl was born and raised in Kaine. Both her parents had part-time jobs seeing as one day her mom would be home, the next would be the father and so on and so forth. some days, both of them stayed home. As Meryl grew, she found out she loved sneaking up on people, and she was actually quite good at it. She guessed her small stature and light weight helped her accomplish this. Some days, her parents would show her a few new tricks, like creating traps for small game, or even how to track prints. When she was old enough, she started working as a courier, delivering messages and packages.

Meryl always seemed to keep her cool no matter the situation. She used this to her advantage when a customer didn't want to pay for the delivery. As she kept working, her parents kept showing her new things, like combining certain ingredients that could cause numbness just by touching it. Meryl started to wonder why they were showing her so many different things. When she confronted her parents with her questions, they answered honestly, saying they were contract killers. They said that Meryl had great potential to join the family business with a bit more training. Outraged from their secrecy, Meryl stomped out of the house angry, running to her favorite place and hiding there.

Later that evening, her father showed up and told her to come back home, that it was dangerous alone at night out in this area. Meryl didn't want to, saying that they should have told her sooner. He told her that the reason they didn't say anything was to protect the family. It still didn't matter to Meryl, her parents were murderers. Her father said the sin of killing someone is the burden of those who want a person dead, that contract-killers were but tools and do not bear the weight of those they are contracted to kill. Meryl composed her self and understood what he meant. She asked what kind of training they had in mind that she needed to join the business, because Meryl loved her parents and would love to work with them.

He told her that she just needed weapon training and to learn a few more tricks to the trade before they would let her do any contract with them. He also told her to continue her day job in the meantime. Her training started 3 days later. They started by testing out her reflexes to see what weapon would suit her best. Seeing that she was slow to act they figured that she would be better with a ranged weapon. Bows takes years of practice, so they gave her a crossbow instead. She practiced for weeks when her father told her to also learn the dagger, because no one can ever be too careful.

She kept practicing all her other skills as well to stay in shape. One day she came across an idea for a poison. She gathered some ingredients and set herself to the task. When she finished it, she tried it on a rat she had caught a day prior and it worked miraculously, taking effect after a few minutes. She brought the vial with her to show her mother downstairs. As she neared the steps, she heard something and turned to look. She hadn't noticed the carpet was scrunched up when she walked on it and tripped over, tumbling down the stairs spilling the poison all over her. Her mother came running and was shocked to see her only daughter bruised, bleeding, unconscious and some kind of pale blue liquid spilled all over her.

She tested the liquid and knew right away it was poison of medium strength. She had very little time to think. She rushed upstairs to the laboratory where Meryl made the poison and appraised the ingredients still there. Working quickly, she concocted an antidote that would work. Little did she know, there was an ingredient that was all used up, the key ingredient. As she returned to her daughter, she saw her skin paler than earlier and her veins dark against her skin. She hurried to apply the antidote on some wounds and ingestion, hoping it works quickly enough to save her daughter. After a short while, color was flowing back to Meryl's body.

After having recovered 2 weeks later, she was back to work and training. The last thing they taught her was how to conceal her presence. It was a trademark ability of all assassins. All was planned out, she would finish working her day job in 2 days before working with her parents. As she returned home after that second day, no one answered. She thought they must be out somewhere. As she walked by the living room, she noticed the fireplace was burning. Her parents never left the house with the fireplace running. She had a sinking feeling something was wrong.

She found both her parents dead. Shocked that it was even possible but reasserted herself and thought that naturally someone would want their head sooner or later. She looked around for clues. The only ones she found were a crest and an envelope on her parents' bodies. The envelope was an invitation with a small note at the bottom. The crest resembled one she had never seen, but depicted a Crossbow pointing up, shrouded by a dark scarf and wreaths at the bottom. With these clues, she headed for Chaville after grabbing a backpack with her necessities and taking whatever crowns were left in the hidden vault of her family. She swore to avenge her parents.

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the projection values do change in combat, for example with introvert mental pattern he gains a " + 40 to psychic potential, and does not require a projection check; he automatically scores a hit.  These benefits do not apply to powers to powers that target both the mentalist and other individuals.  In addition, if he wishes to maintain an innate power that only effects himself, he may do so at one level of psychic potential above normal ( for example, medium level would become difficult).   Arcana Exxet pg 101

now that being said you combine that with Physical increase hit doesn't really need projection, and when he puts the power in his innate slot it automacitally goes up a level.

his magic projection did take a hit true that is why he is built the way he is, he has enough defensive and healing abilities that when he does hit with his offensive magic it will hurt, and more than likely heal him in the process.

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 On thing: vaxx01, please try to stop your double or triple posts. I would be happy, if you try to get everything in one post and don't make 3 sucessive posts. You can also edit older post, as long as no one as written another post.

At raybras: The image for your last posted character is my current wallpaper on my notebook ;-) I love this image XD

So long,

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