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D3 - Double Demonstration Day - Aussie Anima Demo: Feb 28th, March 1st

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28th of February and 1st March 2009


That's right people its time to get off your encounter-suited butts and play some Anima in a very special


For one weekend only, spanning 2 months I will be hosting a Demonstration and game day at my usual location to give people who don't normally have a chance to come and play on Saturday's the opportunity to play on Sunday!

Mind Games, Melbourne,. 244 Swanston Street in the heart of the CBD, Victoria, Australia.
12:00noon till 5:30pm, Saturday 28th Feb and Sunday 1st March

Come along and have double the learning experience, double the fun, double everything!


For specific information post questions here or email: freeagent005@gmail.com

- Raith
Free Agent 005

p.s. for those who read this far, keep an eye out for a notice about an upcoming Painting Comp and the start of a massive campaign.

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Double Demonstration Day #1


Over the course of this past weekend I ran 2 days of Demonstrations back to back, hoping to give some people who are busy on Saturdays the chance ot come in on Sunday. In that regard the plan failed as the couple of people who had asked about events for Sunday didn't turn up or were still unable to. However regardless of this the two days were massive.

Saturday started straight away, I wasn't even up the stairs to the gaming level before I could here people asking where I was (even though I was ontime). Straight off a couple of previous players were wanting to get into a match and as soon as I had explained the Saga 2 stuff they sorted out their teams and the day began with Les Jaeger facing off against Justina, Damien, Kairos and Azriel.


Cost: 200pt (Saga 2 rules, no advantage card pool)
Duration: 10 Turns


The battle raged through some ancient ruins with Reinhold manipulating terrain and his allies to great effect, countering the movements of their opponents while with the Colonels Arbiter commands, Les Jaeger was able to swiftly seize the dominant position with their mobility.


Eventually the game ended with the Colonel getting stuck in and using his Ki powers to decimate the last of his opponents.


Following the first battle a second began and then a third as they day wore on, people came and watched, asked questions which I answered while refereeing the various fights. Several demonstrations took place through the day with a very hurried one in the last half an hour before closing.

The next day was much different, rather than seeing battle after battle the day was more sedate with people coming in to look at the figures and ask about the game. I also spent about an hour talking with a father and son from New Zealand about getting into the hobby and more specifically how to go about painting figures.

The majority of visitors throughout Sunday were established Wargamers so they often declined the opportunity to try a demo in favour of explanations about the rules and how teams are organized.


Cost: 150pt (Saga 1 rules)
Duration: 10 Turns

At the end of the day I was once again challenged to a match, this tim the Lords of the Abyss faced off against Kronnen, Evangaline and Lorenzo. And for the first time I felt apprehensive. After a turn of movement Jerome slipped in behind Evangaline and butchered her with a single predestined strike but was in turn savagely charged by Kronnen (I expected this). Deadmoon fired a ranged shot and Lorenzo who charged her on the following round, throwing her through a wall which she actually managed to survive. Hel then stepped forth and cut down Lorenzo which left Kronnen. Deadmoon soon died in a charge leaving Hel and Kronnen bagging away at each other, dodge, attack, dodge Hel Calling, etc and the game turns ran out Signaling the lords first draw with Kronnen on 10HP and Hel undamaged with Raphaels Gift still inactive.

All up it was a busy weekend, busy enough that I forgot to take any pictures on Sunday ^^

- Raith
Free Agent 005

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