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My tweaks for Hand of Corruption

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I felt that whilst the adventure had a good basic premise the exact plot as given in the book was somewhat lacking so I ended up heavilly tweaking it for more fun and more chaos. Also my group came up with some interesting turns of their own. The main job was to spread it out and build it up rather than doing it as a straight in and out. It's an epic feat to steal a planet and needed to be a full campaign, not an odd job.
Not done Chapter three - but have other nasty plans so may ditch that as it doen't really match the rest.

I thought I might put down some of the highlights, tweaks and turns in case any other GM's find them useful for their games.

First chapter.

Finding the map/ritual was fine, but it was clear to my group that they jsut couldn't pop over for a visit and perform the ritual. So a lot of time went into gathering assets. this was an area that i fleshed out quite a lot.
I had started with Broken chains so they had a badly damaged prision ship but needed repairs urgently.  Forge Castir/Forge Pollix had resources available for 'services rendered' in their *** for tat bickerings. Que a bunch of sessions getting the ship back up to spec before the Ritual fell into their hands.

Several other sessions then procured helpful resoources such as the chain of tyrants - which could be handy for maniplating the Imperium later on. Missions helped them to gain favour with Forge Pollix, and other intrested parties that a nice new world with men, minerals and maufactoriums would benefit. And a slave from the planet via some helpful Dark Eldar slavers for, once again  - services rendered. (Dealing with Dark Eldar slavers being much more fun than a gambling match - and, well may have unintended consequences….).

So rather than grab map/slave and set off the party took a long time to get the plan down and resources ready.
Simple plan really  - use the prison ship they were on to transport new prisioners to the planet, and use the Inquistors personal effects etc. to pretend to be an Inquisitor and his acolytes to gain access and prep time (i.e. manipulate, kidnap or coerce the main sacrfices for the ritual). At the appointed time the prisoners they took in would help start the breakout/riot distraction, and a small Chaos fleet would enter the system to aid them - nicely manipulated into joining the party via a discussion along the lines of  'You up for a proper fight, or are you too scared to come into imperial space and face a real battle?'

A few interludes gained them a navigator who knew the system and the special codes needed to get their without a full scale alert and response from the fort. Ok - no codes were mentioned in the book, but it helped me give them reason to go on another mission where they picked up other useful allies as well. And I added a nice surreal Psychic session where an imperial psyker snuck onboard with a cargo of psykers needed for the ritual (I fleshed it out a bit) and used the sleeping psykers to both confuse everyone in a dream world and to gain access to sufficient psychic power to send a telepathic warning out to the Imperium. Lots of fun and one dead psyker - but had the message got out….?

The party also got personal tasks to do given to them by various benefactors  - success in which could help affect the final outcome. nicley fell into one task for each of the four gods too (I like my party for splitting their allegiences that) -
Corrupt the Hostpitals Nuns, Infect a particular mine, kill/turn to violence certain people and help a particular person out (vague one but fitting for a Tzentchian I thought).

Second chapter
Fun and frolics and lots of 'little white lies' being told by the party got them on planet and amongst the main players. Along with hints of corruption to be rooted out, and a dangerous task needing to be done to forstall catastrophe. And anting to hold a little uplifting sermonising gathering to uphold morale etc.
To get the warden they had some minions make several attempts on his life, all of which failed - but did kill some of his security chiefs and confidants etc. He was soon getting extra protection from Inquistorial guards and soon after pretty much under house arrest for his own safety.

The cardinal was easy to get too.  A bit of atogaonism over his piety soon inspired enough anipathy and jeoulosy to make him all but insist on turning up to the ritual place at the appointed time to give the gathering a righteous sermon (sadly to be cut short - just like his head).

The general was invited along on the day and simply overwhelmed when the time came. the fun their was more to do with manipualting the generals Commisariat to suspect the general and to prepare a purge of corrupt Imperial guard officers at the appropriate time.

Myhem ensued when they went to visit the canoness though - she reckognized Chaos servents a mile off and ran for it. She was tracked down to a nearby Mine (incidently the one that needed infecting - how fortunate…) Soon subdued and gagged etc. But not before she had just destroyed a secret comms station she had run to. Had she got a message out….?
By this time our party deviant, I mean leader, erm… no deviant sounds about right, had spiked the communion wine with 'luv juice' and had the simpering nuns lining up to accuse the Canonnes of deviant behaviour. How nicely ironic… Strangely there was a virilent outbreak of plague in that self same mine as well - obviously the Canonnes…

Interludes via info gleaned from the slave lead them into the mines etc. helping the party meet both the Count who was more than happy to help out fellow cultists, and the staunch Colonel Hollman along with her mix of loyal troops and rag bag of opportunistic bully boys. Cue sweet words to the Colonel to help her recover her rank and dignity working for a pardon from the Inquisitor, and not so sweet words with the bully boys to find out what way they could be useful. By the time of the ritual it had been aranged. The Colonels men - turning up for their pardon - would help form the bulk of the lost souls ith their blood being split by those self same bully boys.

Oh and the Slave went weird and simply walked out of the holding cell she had been put in. Very curious a slave being able to do that?

Come the hour of the ritual and all hell broke loose. Rioting started. Rotting horros shambled out of the mine to attack the quarantine. The psychiatric wards went really really crazy (best not to ask…) The purge of the Generals men started. And two incoming fleets entered the system. Oh and a whole host of Dark Eldar started pouring out of one of the districts. note to self - remember in future to thoroughly check any Slave you get from Dark Eldar.
Soon we had fleet on fleet action (yes a message had got out). Rioters vs guards. Cultists ambushing and delaying Imperial Guards. Dark Eldar attacking everything, and a bunch of high ranking Imperials locked into a hall with a bunch of Cultists performing a ritual which involved their heads being chopped of!
Cue landings by a mixed force of Guardsmen, Dark Angels and an Inquisitor and his squad (a real one this time, and not in the happiest of moods). facing them were the party, mixed rabble, dark Eldar (who were fighting everyone - but hey all's fair in love and war) and oh a number of minor demons of chaos released by the parties side tasks - well it added to the merriment at least. At least the party were locked in main hall that would take time to breach - they hoped.
Epic fight at the ritual hall entrance and the Terminator armoured Inquistor is actually getting a bit of a beating fom the Khornate bezerker chaos marine, but has gained the upper hand and has almost downed him when boom shudder scream - the ritual climaxes in success.
A simple matter of 5-10 seconds translocation though the warp withoput gellar fields arg arg scream scram get it off me help help and we are now in the screaming vortex. The Inquisitor realises big **** has happened and joins in with the withdrawl of a batter and messed up remnant of the Dark Angels. he teleports out - well most of his does - a superb last ditch roll to hit and wound leaves part of the Inquisitors right arm on the ground. Hmm a nice trophy.

So one elated but battered party - apart from the psyker who did the throat slitting - she's elated but not battered. One planet in a mess and a lot of allies heading their way to help sort out the spoils. Their troubles have just begun….

Meanwhile onboard Imperial ships heading back through the warp are a lot of very angry Dark Angels and a very very very angry Inquisitor. Who knows - maybe their thoughts may turn to vengence….


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My one big regret was that the khornate bezerker marine was off when I did the sureal psychic episode - boy would he have been in for it. Fluffy thngs and pastel pinks - they  are just so khorne!

Though i did mange to include a scrubbed clean nurgling in a tutu into it…

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Looks like a big piece of awesomeness to me. Well done and I might just borrow a bit or two if I run Hand of Corruption. gran_risa.gif

And I like to say that I really, really liked the Battle Royal scenario in the end. Good work.

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I'm actually planning to use Hand Of Corruption from the other direction: pitting Inquisitorial Acolytes against a small infiltrated force of ne'er-do-well. Their task is to root out the insurrection and prevent an Imperial World from being whisked away by ritual…except they know very little to start. While the PCs are making contact with Imperial authority, planning their investigation and searches, and generally keeping an eye out for trouble, the cultists will be sneaking about the underworld making their own contacts, planning their ritual, and keeping an eye out for Imperial interference.

I have this scene playing out in my head: A Cleric Acolyte and an Apostate cross paths in a quiet hall and engage in philosophical and religious debate. Both willing to understand (but not accept) the other's point of view, they bid each other a good day. Several weeks later, when again their paths cross, they're both saying "Wait a minute…I know that guy!"

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Alekzanter said:

I have this scene playing out in my head: A Cleric Acolyte and an Apostate cross paths in a quiet hall and engage in philosophical and religious debate. Both willing to understand (but not accept) the other's point of view, they bid each other a good day. Several weeks later, when again their paths cross, they're both saying "Wait a minute…I know that guy!"

Jst be glad they didn't cross the paths of my lot. They would probably have ended up helping set up the ritual, and been proud to do so…

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