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The Chris

Question about Bombardment and the Graviton Negator

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From the FAQ, on page 4:

Q: Can the Scientist’s ability stop a Dreadnought’s bombardment
with the Graviton Negator technology?
A: Yes. The ability provided by Graviton Negator should be
treated the same as the War Sun's bombardment ability.


And from the rulebook, on page 31:

• Like the Dreadnought, a War Sun unit is allowed to
bombard planets. Unlike the Dreadnought, however, a
War Sun ignores the presence of a PDS unit's planetary
shield. Also, a War Sun may bombard a planet
during the Invasion Combat step of the Activation
Sequence, even if no friendly Ground Force units
have landed on the planet in an invasion attempt.

Therefore, if you have the Graviton Negator, would your Dreadnoughts also be able to bombard without ground forces in an invasion like a War sun?

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Graviton Negator tech only allows Dreads to ignore PDS protective shield, it doesn't allow it to bombard without troops.

FAQ statement seems a bit ambiguous, but it does not state explicitly that you can bombard without troops, so we house ruled that it can't.

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