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Next buy for my SSU army

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Hey all! SSU rocks :P

I bought many packs since it came out and here's what I have for now:

- Op. Zverograd Premium Edition (Grand'ma + Koshka)

- SSU Hero Pack Premium Edition

- SSU Commissars (painting almost done)

- SSU Command Squad (Medvedi) Premium Edition

- SSU Battle Squad (Frontoviki) Premium Edition

- SSU Specialists (painting to do)

- SSU Close Combat Squad (Fakyeli) Premium Edition

- SSU Airborne Transport + Chinese Volunteers (painting almost done)

I don't plan on buying the SSU Rifle Squad BUT i'm considering the Red Guards…maybe 1 anti Tank squad + Command Squad…

Now, if you had to buy only one more copter, would you get the Ground Attack or the Walker Transport one? Sure both would be best but I also lpan on buying at least 1 heavy tank when they come out…

With what I already have, would a Ground Attack copter + a Heavy Tank would make a great SSU army "complete"?

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