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Hi Guys

Now my Road to Legend campaign has finished (after 9 months of fortnightly sessions!) I'm going to fill the void by running a Warhammer Fantasy campaign down my local gaming club, despite not actually knowing how to play it myself (I vastly prefer board games)  :)

The campaign map I wish to produce for it will be hex based, and I was checking out the Runebound map last night and I think that's the perfect size for it.  The Runebound maps, especially the base set one, look beautiful too - simple yet exactly convey the sort of things you'd expect to see in a fantasy landscape.  I'm almost tempted to 'steal it' wholesale for the campaign  :)

So, does anyone know of a hex map creator (A FREE ONE!) I can use to recreate a similar looking map to those used for Runebound?  Anything would be better than drawing it by hand  :)  Failing that, anyone know where I can get a blank overlay of the hexes, again Runebound sized (15x13 if memory serves).  As I say, it's the perfect size, and would at the very least be a good starting block.



P.S.  Or, does anyone have a pic of the base runebound board with all spots/writing/etc removed - so it's just terrain and hexes?  This is the least favourable option, but it'd do.

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I have a scan of the board but it still has all the text on it. You would have to remove it yourself. I could do it but I don't have a lot of time at the moment, I'm putting all my efforts into get an Advanced Heroquest game up and running, so if you want to pursue this option let me know, but I can't make any time promises if you want me to remove the text.


Mighty Martin

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