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Bioroid ICE..

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Just a minor thing- are the Bioroid ICE autonomous beings? Granted they are intrinsically linked to whatever part of the Matrix they are patrolling, but in meatspace would they just be walking around like normal androids, making them walking ICE?

Just a very cool idea, and would make an interesting plot hook for a cyberpunk rpg.


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 I dunno… has anyone read the Android novels yet and seen any use of Bioroids there as living security programs?  I would imagine that that would be where any existing information would be in those lines

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Rulebook, p26:

In addition to the creation of artificiallyintelligent
bioroids, Haas-Bioroid has
been experimenting with specialized
bioroids dedicated to network security
and other tasks that are traditionally
the role of software agents
(so-called “weak” AI). Bioroids tasked
for purely network usage have a proven
ability to interact with the brains of
users employing a neural interface, with
occasionally lethal results. There are also
some indications that these bioroids are
less “well-adjusted” than others who
possess a body and may interact with
human beings in a more traditional
Haas-Bioroid denies any
allegations that their software-purposed
bioroids are unstable or have ever been
implicated in the brain damage of human


Bioroid ICE are brain tape/matrix hosted only

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Reading the novels now (starting with FreeFall) and they're awesome. More along the main "Android" game of being a detective, looking for clues, interrogating witnesses, etc. 


Hope there's a "Netrunner" novel in the pipeline.


But like it was mentioned, the Bioroid ICE are pure AI / brain-tape software constructs. Their lack of being physical is suggested to make them even more deadly and ferocious.

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