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Burn the sorcerer

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This is a fun deck, it wont be the winner of the tournament. Its based on Magnus Stiles, the new lodge sorcerer. If you sacrife a sorcerer you can put a success token on a story. So we need sorcerer. First i searched the mytos maybe it has a good sorcerers than a human side for a good ones but i did not find any. Then i found the Hall of Champions with i can search my deck for a character card and all of them are sorcerer, i think it will be good. So i put it into the deck and all of the neutral world champion designed card. Ok i have 1 color for my deck but the Lodge did not have lot of sorcerer so i needed to find an another fraction. I chose the Miskatonic University because they have Harry Houdini (He is a champion designed card too and sorcerer). And in the Miskatonic University is the Curator, you know the card with which you can search your deck for support card (Hall of Champion). And in that faction are lot of good sorcerer. Then i put some killing card into the deck, and deck was ready. I played some test game and it wasnt so bad.

The list:

Meticulous Scribe x3

Magnus Stiles x3

Steal the Soul x3 (it is a defend/attack card)

Arcane Tampering x3 (cheap destroy card)

Lodge Defenses 3x (Support defender card)

The Deodand x2

Soothsayer x3 (Cheap sorcerer)

Museum Curator x3  (Support searcher)

Chess Prodigy x3

Seeker of the Profane x3 (Defense against rush)

Harry Houdini x3

Binding x3 (My all start Miskatonic card)

Student of the Profan x3 (cheap sorcerer and in this meta that every faction has a cost reducer card it can be very useful)

The Mage Known as Magnus x3

Mentor to Vaughn x3

Descendant of Eibon x3

Hall of Champion x3


Thats all, i am thinking about to replace the Soothsayer, Chess Prodigy and Seeker/Sutdent of the profane because they arent so important card, but i dont know yet.

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Yep, I was planning sometime to try to make a deck based around Magnus Stiles but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Not many factions feature cheap Sorcerer characters, but there are a few 2-cost ones.  If Miskatonic doesn't seem to work out for you can you try either Yog or Syndicate - those three seem like the best options for moderately priced Sorcerer fuel.

Chess Prodigy seems like he would be useful just to hold off the enemy or preserve your guys - buying you some time to burn another Sorcerer next turn.

Have you looked into other Miskatonic cards that let you add success tokens?  They've got a fair number of them and that might save you a few Sorcerers.

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The benefits of the Uni fraction, what i cannt find in another fraction:

- Curator, with him i can search for the Hall.

- Herry Houdini champion designed card it is schearchable with the Hall.

- Investigation icon so it can make the deck faster, because in it are to much "expensive" character which slow down the deck. Ok this isnt advantage because syndicate has it too.

I am thinking about to put into the deck somehow:

- Looking for Inspection: It can make the deck more faster.

- Some 1 cost character with invastigation icon instead of 2 cost character. In the first wave i can put some succes token on stories with them, than i can sacrifice the sorcererr to win story.

I was thinking about to put somehow syndicate in this deck, because they have the card, i do not remember the name of it, with i can draw from the bottom of my deck. But it will be too much fraction in the deck.

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Bootlegging Operation is the Syndicate card you're thinking of that lets you draw from the bottom.  But you also need a Location of some sort (yours or your opponents).


You definitely need some investigation in the deck, otherwise you're giving away the speedy story grabbing that you're spending all this effort on.  If you can get Arcane+Investigation, even better.  Curator->Hall->Houdini seems like it might end up being too many steps to be reliable, need to test that.  Plus Syndicate does have a few moderately priced Sorcerers.

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