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Aadam's Aliens

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Below are my homebrews so far, excluding Ninja, since I think Toomai's alien "Voltage" is similar but much better.  You can search me on the Warp under author: Adam Rouse.  Some, especially Waiter, need testing.  I just make aliens occasionally as more of a brainstorming exercise than anything.  Since we have a whole board for homebrews now, I figured I'd be like the cool kids and start my own thread.


CIRCUIT [O:FFGfo:T] Trades Technology Cards

You have the power to Switch. At the start of any other player's turn before Tech is researched, you may use this power to look at all of his Tech cards. You may then take one of his Tech cards and replace it with one of your own. All researching ships stay in their home system and are placed on the newly switched card.
History: From a world of constantly raging electrical storms, the Circuits have long ago learned to use these currents to their advantage. Preferring to use their opponents' energy against them, the Circuits are confident that conquest of the cosmos is as simple as a flick of a switch.
Restriction: Use only in a game with Tech.
Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power. If Circuit switches Tech with Scientist, he would switch only one card, not the whole stack. If using Super Switch, he'd unstack them first, and Scientist would stack any received Tech immediately.
Wild: At the start of any other player's turn, you may remove one ship from any of his Tech cards.
Super: You may use your power to switch all of your Tech for all of your opponent's Tech. If either player ends up with no Tech, his researching ships return to bases.
DARK-MATTER [M:FFGfo] Limits Other Players' Turns
You have the power of Gravity. All players are limited to one encounter per turn except you.
History: Living in a region of space rife with gravitational anomalies, the Dark-Matter have learned to use the universe's hidden ebb and flow to their advantage while their enemies are caught helplessly in its grasp. The Dark-Matter race on, leaving everyone in their wake, confident that the other alien races lack the machine power to escape the traps of gravity.
Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Rules type power.  If Machine's in the game, its power would activate after the first encounter instead of the second but still activates.
Wild: If another player draws his own destiny card, you may prevent him from drawing a new destiny card if he is able to make an attack in his system.
Super: At the start of another player's turn, use this card to end his turn immediately. Afterward, give this card to that player.
PUPPET [M:FFGfo:Pl] Uses Planets to Control Aliens
Game Setup: Place each of your planets in an opponent's system instead of your own, distributing the planets as evenly as possible among the other players.
You have the power of Manipulation. When you are the defensive player, any of your home planets may be targeted. If you have ships on that planet, you take control of that system's alien for the rest of the turn, and that player may not use his power until the encounter is over. When you are the offensive player, before destiny is drawn, choose a system in which you have ships on one of your home planets, and take over that player's alien in the same manner. You can use his power power even if he has lost the use of it. You lose your power when you have lost over half of your home bases as normal. Your planets are not considered part of other players' systems for any other reason but to choose your power.
History: A weak, powerless race from a dying system, the Puppets abandoned their homes in a great diaspora, believing that by splitting up their odds of survival would increase. Finding themselves on strange, new worlds in the midst of interstellar conflict, the other alien races ignored the insignificant Puppets, allowing them to become assimilated, but little did they know that the Puppets would soon be the ones pulling the strings.
Restriction: Use only in a game with individual planets.
Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Meta type power.  In a game with Tech, if you acquire the Genesis planet, you may place it in any system, regardless of if you have a planet there already or not. When using the Lunar Canon, your planets are not considered to be adjacent to opponents' planets. If you have no adjacent planets, discard the card without use.
Wild: When you are the defense, before allies are invited, you may declare one planet in your system to be off limits. It cannot be attacked this turn.
Super: At the start of your turn, before you declare which alien power you will use, you may move one of your planets to any other system.
SCIENTIST [M:FFGfo:T] Researches Multiple Technology Cards
You have the power to Brainstorm. When you draw cards from the Tech deck (including at Game Set-up), use this power to place all Tech drawn face down in a stack. If you already have a stack, add the new Tech to the current stack. When you place a ship on the stack, it is researching all cards. If you reveal a Tech and there are still Tech left in the stack, you may leave any or all researching ships on the stack. You may only reveal one Tech per encounter. When you are zapped, keep only one Tech from those drawn, but it is still added to the stack.
History: The only race in the universe to discover fire and electricity on the same day they invented the wheel, the Scientists can follow multiple trains of thought simultaneously. And given time, one of these trains of thought will assuredly lead to the defeat of their enemies.
Restriction: Use only in a game with Tech.
Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Advanced. This is a Resource type power.
Wild: When you draw Tech, choose two to keep.
Super: You may reveal one additional Tech per Encounter.
WAITER [O:FFGfo] Collects the Discard Pile
Game Set-up: You do not receive ships, planets, etc., and do not have a turn. You are not initially dealt any cards.
You have the power to wait. At the start of each turn, use this power to take the discard pile and add it to your hand. You cannot use cards from your hand (except your own flare), but may instead give any card(s) from your hand to any other player at any time and may not be refused. If at the start of any encounter you have attack cards whose face values add up to 200, use this power to win the game immediately. If at any time you are zapped, you retain your hand but may not give out cards for the rest of the encounter. At the end of the encounter if you do not have the use of your power, the discard is shuffled into the deck.
History: On their homeworld, the Waiters were dominated by a stronger race for ages and forced into subservience. Waiting on their masters' every need, the Waiters soon tired of this practice and hoped that with great patience, someday they would gain the power to overthrow their rulers -- and they did. Free to roam the cosmos now, they have learned that old habits die hard, and they continue to serve all whom they meet, but this race will continue to wait for a truly Cosmic tip, and then the Waiters will have their way.
Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Expert. This is a Rules type power.
Wild: You may look through the discard and/or the Waiter's hand and take up to five cards. Discard this card after use. This card may not be retrieved from discard by cards such as Finder or by any alien power other than Waiter.
Super: Before cards are played in an encounter, give this card to the attacker to end his turn. All ships in the hyperspace gate return to bases. 

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My favourites are Dark-Matter and Puppet.

I assume that in order to have a second encounter you must zap Dark-Matter after having a successful first encounter?

How would Dark-Matter’s wild flare interact with Will?

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 Toomai's correct.  Also, yes, you use Dark-Matter's power when a player attempts to have a second encounter.  I made that power before FFG came along, so I didn't think of adding in a timing indicator.

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