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Lucien Kallus

Calling all artists, writers and designers of 40k inspired works (duplicate thread)

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(duplicate thread to try to drum up some interest)

Hello everyone, I am in the process of starting an ongoing Campaign website and was looking for people who have any works they have produced that would be willing to let me use them on my site. They would be used to help set a tone and build on the background in Segmentum Tempestus (with plans to extend this in the long term).

I am looking for high quality art works that really fit with the background and ethos of the 41st Millenium and stories, descriptions, background, characters, statistics, world designs and the like.

If you feel like contributing please feel free to P.M. me or indeed post up here. I may also ask if I could change certain things such as names or small parts of stories or art to better fit the sites 'style'. All works will obviously still belong to yourself and i will credit you on the site.

Many thanks. Yours expectantly,

Inquisitor Kallus

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