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Most idiotic deck ideas

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Hi all,


In my recent musings about the KH tcg I have been day dreaming about all kinds of dumb deck ideas.  As a life long card gamer there are always fun ideas for different games that will never work.  In that same spirit, here are my ideas for some fun, albeit idiotic, decks.


Disney Princess deck: I don't remember what each one does, but I think it would be awesome to play a princess deck and have it actually work.  I know my wife really likes this idea.  That means it's good, right???


Fantasia deck: Ok, fine.  So Mickey won't have his sweet scorer's hat on, but I could easily get Mickey, Donald and a crap load of brooms into play.  Now the only problem is…Monstro, Simba, any heavy hitters (Sephy, Cloud, etc).  Once you get past those you can get back to the core of this deck: the music.  Geez, even while I'm writing about this idea it sounds idiotic…


Wisdom Form deck: Now I actually have one of these.  It's freaking cool, what with all the ice spells, but ultimately Phil and Owl screw this up pretty bad.  Still, if use my Japanese Tidus Lvl 1 it stands a chance.  Now all I need is someone to test it against.


The Never Ending Story: So this deck idea is based around using Wishing Lamp to simply cycle my deck infinitely while not really accomplishing very much.  I don't actually want to win the game on turn 1.  Just make it so I keep drawing until my opponent gives up.  Think of it as a Disney-inspired fillibuster.


Ok, that's all I can think of on my lunch break at work.  Anyone else got some crazy deck ideas that will probably never fly?  I'd love to get together with fellow players at some point in the future and play an "idiotic deck" tournament.  Now THAT would be sweet. 



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