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Star Wars Role-playing game and supplement suggestion thread

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The Star Wars universe is rich in lore and presents a wide range of locations, species, technology and characters. Previous role-playing guides based on Star Wars focused around an era, recent series (novel, comic), organization, character or world. Some could even be read like a story as they revealed more facts about existing topics and some new information.

What aspects of the Star Wars universe would you like to see FFG cover in a role-playing guide or supplement?


For anything related to gameplay mechanics, there's a thread currently up:

A list of some ideas which can be used based on existing lore:


*Roon and the Legacy of the Taung

After being forced off Coruscant, the Taung, the original Mandalorian species, arrived on the Outer Rim planet of Roon seeking a new home. Since then they've colonized other worlds but have left behind a legacy. The planet Roon has become a world of legends and treasures. Travellers from all over the galaxy come here seeking the fabled Roon stones and secrets left behind by the Taung. Now ruled by tyranic govenor's, its population try to live prosperously against them. 

*Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Sith Empire have returned and have since began to wage war against the Galactic Republic. Corellia, Alderaan, Dromund Kaas, Ilum and Belsavis have been brought into interest and an everlasting struggle to take control of these worlds has endured between the two factions. Fight alongside either side and help decide the fate of the galaxy


Any other ideas you may like to see which focus on a certain theme can be listed here.


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