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Holographic Projector Last Room Query

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So the Holographic Projector item card forces operatives to skip over the room it's played in. What happens if you play it in the 12th room? Can operatives advance into it as usual? Or would they just view the 11th room as the final room, unable to enter the 12th?

Also, this wasn't really clear on the description, but after a player uses the Projector, is that player affected in the same way as the other players? I mean to say, is the player who used the Projector able to re-enter the room he played it in during a later turn, or is the room now inaccessible to him as well for the rest of the game?


Also, unrelated: Does the High-Capacity Wire item card apply the bonus to every single operative in the room regardless of turn? For instance, if the last player in the turn plays the card after the other players Downloaded, is the bonus retroactively applied to the previous players?


Lovely game by the way. Played it three times in the last couple of days, really enjoying it.

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 Per Holographic Projector:

The card essentially has two effects. 

1. *Each time* an Operative or NPC enters the room, he ignores all Enter functions and item card effects in this room


2. Immediately moves in the same direction to the next room, if able. 


So, the 12th room would inhibit the second portion of this cards from activating, but wouldn't restrict access to the room. As to immediate effects, no -- anybody currently in the room wouldn't be considered to have entered the room, as the card demands, while this effect was in play. One would need to advance or retreat into the after the effects were in play for them to trigger, based on the wording.

As to the High Capacity Wire, it's a toss up, but I'd say no -- it doesn't work retroactively. That's an argument based on logic and not a pedantic reading of the text, however.



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