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League 2, Scenario 6 question: rubble tokens

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Indeed, even if the odds of this happening are very low, it could happen. Rules for League 2 were often disappointing, plagued with sloppy wording and loopholes as big as a bite of a Plutonium Dragon; nonetheless, some of the problems were fixed here. Specific rules for Scenario 6, according to this thread, are the following:



Yes, every time a monster surge occurs, a rubble token is added. This includes the monster surges for the Witch House and Science Building.

Treat all Cultists as Cthonians. Each Cultist loses all stats and name. They then are treated as having the exact stats and name as a Cthonian.

A Gate and a monster appear. The monster that appears is part of the total number of monsters that appear for the monster surge.

Rubble markers are placed on the locations that are reduced to rubble. Yes this will mean that there are rubble markers that do not match the location they are placed on.

A location with a rubble token on it is closed. That location may only be entered for the express purpose of closing an open gate.

For this scenario, Kate's ability stops both the gate opening and the monster surge at her location.

Calvin's bonus applies to any checks based on the six skills listed on the investigator's sheet. It adds a temporary +2 to that skill, giving you 2 extra dice for that check.

If a location is sealed with an Elder Sign, the sign prevents the gate opening and cancels the monster surge.

If you draw a task or mission that requires you to go to a closed location, either during setup or during the game, discard it and draw again. If there is a task or mission requiring you to go to a closed location on the bottom of the deck, "Ashcan" Pete may not discard it and draw the item behind it using his ability.

If a gate is supposed to open on the Science Building or Witch House, and there is a gate already open on it, this causes only one monster surge, not two.

Calvin no longer has the "Cannot be lost or sacrificed for any reason." This means he can be lost or sacrificed.


As you can see, there is clearly nothing addressing your question. Anyway, the rationale of the Scenario is to have different rubble markers assigned very quickly, so that Shudde can easily wake up. So I'd say no more than one rubble marker / location; if you draw a Mythos instructing to place a rubble marker on a location already having a rubble marker, discard the card and draw again, until you find an "unrubbled" location

Hope this helps


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