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Capturing a Stronghold - City Reward (as per page 17 of rules)

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 Hi All,

Just started playing this game and think it is awesome.  Just have a couple of questions.

Can anyone please help clarify for me the process of handover of a city after capturing an enemy stronghold?

Question 1: When a stronghold is destroyed and the defeated baron must give up one city of their choice what do they do if there is a noble in the city?

Must they:

  1. treat the noble as though it has retreated - potential for mercs to disband
  2. leave the noble in the same area (but it is said not to be 'in' the city) - easy to recapture
  3. kill noble - seems a little extreme
  4. move noble to another owned city

Seems rules say nothing about this.  As city has not really been defeated but merely given as a ransom.

Also is it possible to raze a city obtained in this way?  As this would be my preference as it would often be difficult to defend such as city, so the reward would be very short term… unless near end of a round.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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It's been a while since I've played this game.  The only reason I can think of that you would give up a city with a noble is it was your last city to give.  I think I would play with the noble retreating.  As for your second question, I would say you could definately raze it.  Page 18 of the rule book states one can raze a city immediately after gaining control of it. 

Glad you're enjoying the game.  This is one of my favorites, just need my group to play it more!

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