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Magus Black

Of Las Weapons and Settings

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HTMC said : " I actually feel like the Laspistol shouldn't have variable settings, since normally they operate as a last-ditch back-up weapon and don't need to vary the oomph, as it were. If nothing else, unlike many mentions of changing lasgun settings, I don't off-hand know of anywhere in codexes or BL novels where people adjust laspistol power levels. I could very well be wrong, though, so feel free to correct me."  Well the Imperuim of Man is a very big place hundreds of thousands if not millions of world and stations a cross the galaxy. If only half where civilised, and only half of those could produce las weapons, thats still many thousands making las pistols in countless variants. This is truly a galaxy of guns. I am shore that there are variable setting las pistols. Im not saying they all are but there are some. Sorry for any mis-speld words or gramarical errors Im doing this on a PS3.

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