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Deck ideas for Dark Friends

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Hi all,


So I am hoping to help jump start interest in this game again, and to do so I have some questions to get everyone's creative juices flowing.  I know there are deck ideas in this section about "dark army" and such, but here is my quesiton:

Is playing a Dark Riku deck competitive?  If so, can anyone shed some light on strategy for me?  I have always wanted to make this type of deck work, but having high level friends, plus needing Soul Eater to effectively make your opponent lose health, seems like a lot of work in a ~40 card deck. 


Another question I have: when you build an aggro deck, what role does your home world play?  In other words: I know what cards like Monstro do, but if I were running a dark aggro deck with a world that prevents magic use, does my world's effect only take place when i am defending a challenge?  It's been a while since i read the rules and i was hoping to spark some conversation and brainstorming.


And here's my final question and it's more of a fun one: would it be possible to world race using a Dark Riku deck?  I've never tried it and I was wondering if anyone else has, or has thoughts on it.

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